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Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tales, Remixed

Last week’s challenge: The Who, The Where, The Uh-Oh

Pick a fairy tale.

Go on, do it.

I’ll wait.

If you don’t know your fairy tales — Google is your friend, of course.

Hell, here’s a pretty good list of the Grimm’s tales.

I want you to pick one — I’ll let you do that — and rewrite it.

Except, wait now, hold on.

I want you to also roll to choose a random subgenre. You will then applyΒ said random subgenre to the fairy tale you have picked for maximum awesome. Get it? Got it? Rad.

You have 1000 words.

You have one week — due Friday, January 31st, noon, EST.

Write it at your online space. Link back here.

Do tell us which fairy tale you’re using by making it the title of your story.


(roll a d20 or go to a random number generator)

  1. Cyberpunk
  2. Dystopian
  3. Erotica
  4. Spy Thriller
  5. Southern Gothic
  6. Satire
  7. Urban Fantasy
  8. Space Horror
  9. Space Opera
  10. Young Adult Contemporary
  11. “Grimdark” Fantasy
  12. Psychological Horror
  13. Hard Sci-Fi
  14. Slasher Film
  15. Ecothriller
  16. Sword & Sorcery
  17. Lovecraftian
  18. Zombie Apocalypse
  19. Superhero
  20. Detective