Flash Fiction Challenge: The Who, The Where, The Uh-Oh

Last week’s challenge: “Roll For Title!”


Last week’s flash fiction challenge was easily the most visited challenge I’ve ever run — also with the most participation. That’s bad-ass, and it’s amazing to see such energy and talent on display. Pat yourselves on the back. Eat some ice cream. MAKE OUT WITH YOURSELF IN A MIRROR.

Or something.

Anyway, this week, we’re back with another randomized challenge —

And, this week, I’m letting you have 2000 words instead of 1000.

The way forward is simple: pick (randomly or by hand) one element from each column below (Who, Where, Uh-oh) and smoosh those three together to concoct a single story. For bonus points, you can actually randomize the Who column twice — either to make a combination protagonist (PSYCHIC CELEBRITY! ASSASSIN ACCOUNTANT!) or to choose a second character to go into your tale, either as a supporting character or as an antagonist.

Post this story at your online space.

Link back here.

Due by Friday, the 24th, noon EST.

And the categories are…

The Who (Protagonist)

  1. Detective
  2. Ghost
  3. Bartender
  4. Dirty Cop
  5. Psychic
  6. Assassin
  7. Accountant
  8. Celebrity
  9. Android
  10. Waiter/Waitress

The Where (Setting)

  1. Nuclear Wasteland
  2. Amusement Park
  3. Chinatown
  4. Far-Flung Space Station
  5. Mad Botanist’s Greenhouse
  6. Virtual Reality
  7. The Underworld
  8. Trailer Park
  9. Pirate Ship
  10. Casino

The Uh-Oh (Problem)

  1. Betrayal by best friend!
  2. Left for dead, out for revenge!
  3. Encounter with a nemesis!
  4. Trapped!
  5. Something precious, stolen!
  6. Lovers, separated!
  7. Warring against nature!
  8. An unsolved murder!
  9. A conspiracy, revealed!
  10. Besieged by supernatural enemies!

149 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Who, The Where, The Uh-Oh”

  1. Dammit! It’s already Friday… I missed last week’s challenge, but I’m still going to retro-participate. Shoot me.

    Double trouble this weekend on the challenges though… rawr!

  2. All right, here goes.

    In which an android learns to let go of the man who created him. And there is more than one meaning to the word trapped.

    Of the three parts columns to choose from I chose – Who: Android, Where: Virtual reality (although I also stole deep space station because only a bit of this happens in the virtual reality), and What: Trapped! (in more than one sense of the word). I hope you enjoy 🙂

    Linky link: http://antagonistsneeded.blogspot.com/2014/01/flash-fiction-challenge-more-than-one.html

  3. I got Waiter/Waitress, in a casino, and trapped.

    So my story would be a waitress who is working late at the casino and gets locked in. She sleeps under the blackjack table and gets let out in the morning when the duty manager arrives.

    Am I doing this right?

  4. My random number generator friend gave me: Detective bartender in the Underworld with an unsolved murder! Sounds great to me. It’ll be on my blog around 1 am next Friday UK time, 7 pm New York Thursday.

  5. 9…4…10…6…so! An android and a dirty cop OR a dirty android cop, in a casino, lovers separated. I’ve negative-clue, when it comes to androids, cops, AND casinos, but we shall see what happens. I haven’t done one in awhile so I’ve decided to just suck it up and work it out.

  6. Let’s see: Detective + Waitress, Amusement Park, a conspiracy revealed!

    Hmm, what can I do with that…

    No wait, if I change waitress to ghost, I might be able to continue one of the challenges from last year: The House of Love and Murder. Now what should I call this one?

  7. Accountant + Pirate Ship + Warring Against Nature . . . this should be fun. I’ve been wanted to do a pirate story for a while.

    I guess I should finished last week’s challenge first. My imagination went a little off the rails with that one.

  8. So I rolled 6 – Assassin, 4 – In a Far Flung Space Station, and 3 – Meets Nemesis.

    I think I did pretty well with this piece which I’ve titled “Tales from Sector Seven-Ten: Brady’s Log.

    Brady is an assassin who has been wounded on his last mission. He attempts to head back to a safe house to recover, but there he meets an emissary of the Ka’huth, an amphibious fish-like race of aliens. What does the Ka’huth want and why is he there? Find out here!


  9. Psychic
    Nuclear Wasteland
    Lovers, Separated

    Been sick as a dog so I didn’t complete the last challenge (which is a bummer because it was awesome). This one should be very interesting.

  10. Evening, folks!

    I rolled “Psychic Android trapped on a pirate ship,” which has lead me to research prehistoric aquatic creatures and Himalayan mountain passes for what I imagine will end up being one of the most unusual pirate stories ever.

    I have a four day weekend here at college, so I hope to be done by Monday night. I’ve never done one of these before but you all seem like spectacular, talented people and I’m excited to join in!

  11. Who: Psychic. Where: The Underworld. Uh-Oh: Beseiged by supernatural enemies. Wish me luck, this will be FUN.

  12. Question, what if we don’t have an on-line space on which to post? Can’t I send
    my pen on legal pad through the mail, or via carrier pigeon.
    Thanks for providing an exercise to assist in my utter and total
    ignoring of reality, Wendig! Whew, & Shku-zang.

  13. 2. – Ghost
    4. – Dirty Cop
    5. – Mad Botanist’s Greenhouse
    8. – An Unsolved Murder

    I’ll be back with my post shortly.

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