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The Cormorant Photo Contest: Game Not Yet Over

And here we are.

All the entries for the Miriam “Drink It Black” Photo Contest are now in.

We had eleven total entries.

Each of them containing at least a little bit of amazing.

You can click here to find the whole set.

So, to refresh you, here’s how this works:

I pick a winner.

And then you pick a winner.

The first winner gets to pick from the two prizes available (coffee bundle or book bundle) — second prize goes to the reader-chosen winner. Easy-peasy let’s-get-beezy.

My winner?

Karina Cooper’s entry:

It was a tough choice, because some of the other photos were equally kick-ass. This one wins because it looks like a Joey Hi-Fi Miriam Black book cover. I half-expect to have to search through the image to find plots about the fourth book secretly hidden within.

I mean, whoa. The Tarot. The hair. The bruises. Jinkies!

Well done, Karina. (Karina is an author in her own right, if you didn’t know.)

That said, you’ve still got your job to do.

So, go look at the set of pics.

Pick your favorite, and drop your vote in the comments below.

You must include the number of the photo (1 through 10) for that vote to count.

Choose one only.

And, actually, I’m going to up the stakes a little bit here. I’m going to offer another prize onto the table, now — the person with the second number of votes will get a coffee mug. Either the Certified Penmonkey or Art Harder mug, from the terribleminds merch.

So, get to voting.

Voting ends at the close of Monday: 11:59PM, EST.