Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Love Robots

Last week’s challenge — “Dirty-Ass Sex Moves” — is live, live, live.

Given yesterday’s big news regarding BLACKBIRDS, I figured that doing a flash fiction challenge slightly in-theme wasn’t such a bad idea.

With that in mind, and given that the news is about Angry Robot Books, I figure:

Hey, let’s see some flash fiction featuring one or several robots.

In any capacity. In any genre. Get creative.

Here’s the tweak, though: I’m again going to give away copies of CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY and IRREGULAR CREATURES. This time, however, I’m not giving them to my favorites but rather, those who get here and write their fiction first. The first ten (EDIT:) fifteen entrants in the flash fiction challenge (as posted chronologically in the comments below after all comments are approved) can have their choice of either e-book in whatever format they so choose (PDF, Kindle, Nook). If you already possess both e-books, you can either let the next person down the list have your copy or pass it along instead to someone you know will want a copy.

You once again have 1000 words.

You have until next Friday (June 24th) at noon EST, but again, to qualify for the e-book, you gotta get into this challenge early and write some flash fiction featuring a robot in some capacity.

That’s it. That’s the deal.

Robots: it’s what’s for dinner.

Go forth and write, ink-slingers.


Here are the folks who get themselves an e-book:

1. Oldestgenxer

2. Sparky

3. Lesann

4. Alan

5. CY Reid

6. Lindsay Mawson

7. Tribid

8. Tara Tyler

9. Karen Taveres

10. Eric Archibald

11. Amber J. Gardner

12. David Earle

13. Puddin

14. Travis Cole

15. Darlene Underdahl

Folks: hit me up either via the contact form or at chuckwendig [at] terribleminds [dot] com to collect. Be sure to let me know what you want: PDF, Kindle, or Nook format!

41 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Love Robots”

  1. […] Wendig’s Robot Flash Fiction Challenge. You can find more details, and read other stories, at this link. chuck wendigflash fiction blogging chuck wendig digital self publishing ebooks editing […]

  2. @Alan:

    Tell you what — even though I think that’s a little against the spirit of the thing, I’ll still throw you a copy, but at the same time, I’ll also open up the “free e-book” thing to the first *15* entries instead of the first *10.*

    — c.

  3. You would, of course, do this the day *after* I purchase CoaFPM. Still, this is the first challenge I might actually be able to pull off. Stay tuned…

  4. Ah! Why am I stuck at work right now! This sounds like so much fun. I write as soon as I get home, even if I don’t end up in time.

    (is it 1000 word limit? That’s what it sounds like.)

  5. And I think — I think! — we made our 15.

    I’ll be in touch over the weekend, but feel free to jump at me through the contact form before then if you’re eager.

    Thanks, folks!

    But keep the stories coming.

    Rock the hell on.

    — c.

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