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Flash Fiction Challenge: Sub-Genre Mash-Up

Once again, last week’s challenge is worth your look-see — “MUST LOVE ROBOTS.” Scan the comments. Find the delicious robot stories contained within.

And now for this week’s challenge.

Here, then, is a list of six sub-genres:






Men’s Adventure.

Your job is to choose two of these and mash them up into one crazy flash fiction tale. Superhero Erotica? Steampunk Noir? Men’s Farcical Adventure? Mix, match. Go nuts.

You’ve got 1000 words.

Due by July 1st (Friday) at noon (EST).

Here’s the second thing, though: I’ll pick my favorite story out of the bunch and offer that writer a critique of up to 5,000 words of fiction (short story, part of a novel, whatever).

So, jump in. Get writing. Write so it rocks.

See you on the other side when you invent your own sub-sub-genres.


Happy July 4th, peeps.

Okay, finally gone and read all the flash fiction entries.

Some really strong stuff here. Like, wow. Monkey heads and Mister Polisher and the grim relationship between hooker and john. In the end, it came down to Amber Gardner’s superhero-noir (“Savior“) and, well, Jim Macfee’s Superhero Noir (“Sanction“). In terms of picking folks who might want an edit, I’m looking for a few things, right? I’m looking for stuff that’s good. I’m looking for writers with potential, even if that potential hasn’t been realized. And I’m looking for a selfish fix to read more of their work.

Even now I pinball between the two stories.

So, I’m going to cheat and pick both, giving one the “2nd prize” treatment.

I’m picking Jim for the 5k edit.

I’m picking Amber for a smaller 2.5k edit.

Congrats, both of you crazy kids. Bounce me a mail at chuckwendig [at] terribleminds [dot] com.