Painting With Shotguns #64

Painting With Shotguns

Quicky update today (because I’ve got to go snowblow our surprisingly long-ass driveway), and for that I drag the ol’ Painting With Shotguns blog-mode out of the drawer. Forgive me, I suspect it smells a little like mothballs. And, curiously, like ferret musk. Don’t ask questions. Just read.

Arrugula Screechers

Irregular Creatures Cover, By Amy Hauser Want a sales update on Irregular Creatures? Can do, my little winged kitties.

I won’t break down the day-by-day because I suspect that’s just going to get boring, but suffice to say since last Saturday, I’ve been selling between three and five per day, with the exception of yesterday, where I somehow managed to foist eight copies unto an unsuspecting populace.

That brings total sales up to: 189.

Amazon: 128

Amazon UK: 11

PDF: 48

Smashwords: 2

Looks like on Amazon the entry finally reflects (as of yesterday) the “People who bought Irregular Creatures also bought…” I’m in, of course, good company there. Chris Holm’s 8 Pounds, the Terminal Damage collection, and Allan Guthrie’s Bye Bye Baby. Need to crossover a little bit and get into the hands of people who are buying a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, though.

Received some lovely reviews this week:

… From Stephen Blackmoore.

… From Dave Turner.

… From Andrew Jack.

Got giveaways and interviews up at Bubblecow and Indie Horror.

Got a straight-up giveaway at Andrew Jack’s blog.

And cover artist Amy Houser worked on a comic with author Cat Valente: “Deathless.” It’s up right now at the Tor-dot-com site, so hurry over and check it out.

For those who have not procured the book as yet, would love to know why? No harm no foul, just curious. If you’re willing to share, of course.

Pandemic Countdown

Click that link. See that gas mask? See that countdown clock?

Pandemic is coming. Are you going to be infected?

The event will cross a span of several days and will take place both in Park City and outside it — which means you crazy kids at home can both watch and interact with the experience. (I’ll tell you — maybe tomorrow or the day after — how you can get involved in a big roleplaying experiment and become a part of the story and its damaged world.)

I’d like to personally thank some people who helped do some back-up writing for the experience: Andrea Phillips, Stephen Blackmoore, Will Hindmarch, Jason Blair, Jesse Scoble, Kari Hayes, Christopher Simmons, Wood Ingham. I did some writing myself and served as story editor of the Pandemic experience, and am excited to see how it all plays out.

Articles: “Disrupting What’s Expected” at Sundance site; “Weiler Brings A Pandemic To Park City” at the Wall Street Journal; “Sundance Is Ground Zero For Pandemic 1.0” at Wired.


Avoid the sick.

Don’t sleep.

And beware strange objects.

More as it develops. Follow the #pandemic11 hashtag on Twitter.

Udder Work

Well, Double Dead continues apace. The novel, which could be subtitled, “A Vampire In Zombieland,” is hella fun to write. Part of me thinks this is the key to writing — find projects that are fun as hell to write because the fun projects write themselves. Not to say you shouldn’t get deep and personal and moody and whatever — serious is good. But man, I forgot how much fun it is to write crazy awesome shit.

Speaking of vampires, just did a Vampire: The Requiem SAS for White Wolf and the ever-excellent and always-charming Eddy Webb. And one assumes that sometime in the next 15 years, Danse Macabre will actually hit shelves, so look for that when you’re old and gray.

I have two other gaming projects… lurking in the wings, but neither have entirely manifested yet. I only see gauzy shapes and trembling clouds, but I think they’re going to materialize soon. Er, I hope they are.

But that also tells me to tell you:

Hey! I’m open for freelance work. It’s the new year. And soon enough I’m going to have another mouth to feed what with the birth of our genderless centaur baby human boy come spring.

Know of any work?

I would be ever-gracious if you nudged it my way, or nudged me in that direction.

Just in case you forgot:

No, Seriously, I’m Not Fucking Around, You Don’t Want To Be A Writer.

But, I am a writer, and this penmonkey needs a task.

Link Sausage And Blog Bacon


Confessions of a Recovering Dilettante” at Dan O’Shea’s blog.

Best webcomic ever? Romantically Apocalyptic.

The Adventures of Huck Finn — Modified For Modern Sensibilities!

14 responses to “Painting With Shotguns #64”

  1. You may already know about it, but Fantasy Flight Games has guidelines for submitting/applying for freelance work on their website. Basically a 5000 word sample, and stuff. Might be worth trying? Though never sure how well those work out.

    Congrats on the sales for Irregular Creatures. I’ve almost finished it (I read really slow, and school just started back up). Very enjoyable so far.

  2. @Anthony:

    Thanks. I’m hearing that the sales numbers are actually pretty good, but it’d be nice to see them be a little higher to justify the experiment.

    But glad you’re enjoying it.

    Re, FFG: Not sure what they pay, will have to poke into it. Thanks for the tip.

    — c.

  3. You had me at “roleplaying experiment”. Seriously, if anyone whips out the RPG card, I’m there. I’m like an RPG groupie with my 10th level Paladin. ๐Ÿ˜€ Although somehow I don’t think my Paladin’s going to help me here.

  4. Been lurking this week (much stuff on plate) but I gotta take a mili(vanilli)second to say Big Congrats on taking 2011 by the energon cubes. This months posts (and interviews) have felt like a lesson in “dedication can equal results” for we aspirants and co-strugglers.

    Good show, sir. You surely built this city on rock and roll. Or, er, sweat and words.


  5. I had a lot of fun writing the #Pandemic11 stuff… It’s a lot harder than I thought to write in a way that even approaches the standard level of internet grammar.

  6. Thank you, Chuck, for letting me take part in the Pandemicpalooza, in however modest a way. I’m crazy excited to see how it all plays out for you guys this week!

    Also, thanks for being so free with the results of your Irregular Creatures experiment. Definitely interesting to hear about your experience. I just hope I can find some time to *read the book* in the near future. >_<

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