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Flash Fiction Challenge: Thy Name Is Vengeance

I wrote on Twitter this week that one of the chief themes behind the current MCU films is that revenge runs counter to heroism — Tony, Thor, Star-Lord, they fall prey to revenge and it causes them to derail their goals and fail the mission(s) at hand. I want you to write a story of revenge. How it ends up is all on you — I’m not asking you to confirm the thesis that it runs counter to heroics, that’s the MCU thing. You can do different, if you choose,... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Real Estate

Real estate is fascinating. The buying and selling of houses. The buying and selling of homes — not just a place you rest your head, but for some, your heart. And then there’s the potentially criminal aspect. Or the callous capitalist aspect. And then if you contextualize it across genres — real estate horror, real estate sci-fi, real estate in fantasy, what the hell does that look like? I dunno. You tell me. Your job this week is to write about real estate. In some way. In some fashion. Make this... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction: Space Operatics

It’s May the Fourth, c’mon. So obviously the only choice of what to write is: SPACE OPERA SPACE OPERA SPAAAAAACE OPERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa So, get on that. Whatever it means, it means. Length: ~1500 words Due by: Friday, May 11th, noon EST Post at your online space (“space”) — Link to it in the comments. GET THEE TO A SPACESHIP.

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Complications Of Heroism

Did a big-ass storytelling thread today about people’s complicated reactions to THE LAST JEDI (don’t worry, next week it’ll be Marvel) — and I’m fascinated by the ideas of how we see heroism, and how hero characters are complicated or changed or tarnished — and the costs of sacrifice that have to go into being a hero. So, that’s your angle this week — Explore the complications of heroism. Length: ~1000 words Due by: May (the) 4th, Friday, noon EST Post at your online space. Give us a link to... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Friday: Luck

It is Friday the 13th. Easily a day we ascribe to “horror,” but here, I’d like to take a different tack with it — I’d like you to write a short story about LUCK. Good, bad, indifferent, whatever. But luck. Doesn’t have to be horror at all, though it certainly can be. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, April 20th, noon EST Write at your online space. Give us a link below. Luck it up, motherluckers.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Stolen Titles (Stephen King Edition)

Here’s the challenge this week: I want you to take the title of one of the following Stephen King books, and write a short story based on it. The trick is, your story should be entirely different — you’re divorcing the title from the novel from whence it came, and writing Your Own Damn Thing. (Bonus points if you assume an entirely different genre — not horror at all.) Get it? Got it? Good. Choose a title randomly ( or just pick. 1. The Stand 2. Mr. Mercedes 3. Under the... Read The Rest →

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