Macro Mwednesday Is Totally A Thing, How Dare You Question Me

Since I’m kinda on a bit of a schedule here (or in the UK, a SHED-YOU-ULL), I’ll make this brief with some quick news dips and dots, plus some photos, and then I’m outtie like belly button. Do the kids say that? The kids don’t say that? Well, shit.

News bits, beginning now:

• I did an interview on Tim Clare’s Death of a Thousand Cuts podcast, and it was a really great time and a fun interview and hopefully you’ll like it. *straps you down to a chair, stapleguns headphones to your ears* Oh how nice that you’ve chosen to listen.

• Speaking of the UK, Waterstones is offering signed copies of Wanderers.

• And yes you can order signed copies in the US, too, from various places — including my local stores, Doylestown Bookshop and Let’s Play Books.

• And holy craaaap the book is out in two weeks?! How did that happen? Here I remind you, poke poke poke, of the pre-order Shepherd pin you can nab

• Plus, Wanderers is listed as a top ten book for July from LibraryReads…

• PLUS, best summer reading lists from Amazon, Bookish, Bookbub

• FINALLY, another starred review from BookPage! “It’s not easy to write the end of the world. With Wanderers, Chuck Wendig has mastered it.” (That brings the total to four starred reviews! Maybe this book doesn’t suck?)

• I remind you that I’ll be in NYC tonight at the KGB Bar at 7pm doing a reading — plus DFWCon this weekend! Updated appearances listed right here.

All right, news-blobs dropped.

Onward to photography: