Pre-Order Wanderers, Become A Shepherd For The Book

Hey? Psst. Psst. Have you pre-ordered Wanderers yet? If you have — or if you’re planning to! — you can get a cool bonus: it’s a Shepherd pin, designed to look like an Interstate sign. Signifies that you’re one of the shepherds, walking with the sleepwalker flock, ushering them to their mysterious destination.

Thanks to Del Rey and PRH for setting this up — getting the preorder bonus is easy, just go to this website at Penguin Random House, upload an image of your pre-order receipt, and that will set you up to receive your Shepherd pin. (Note, too, if you click that link you can get a fairy tiny preview of my new author photo. Oooooh. Because who doesn’t want to look at my BEARDO FACE? Gaze upon it! Learn its secrets! Submit to its writhing cilia!)

You can preorder in print, eBook, or audio. (More robust pre-order list available at above link.)

In less than four months, the sleepwalkers walk…