Macro Monday Wrestles With The Demons Of Our Time

Once again I return from the shadows of the Battle Realm where I have been waging war against the Chronomancers and the Spatial Guild for control of all time and space, and I pop in for just a little while to leave you with a blog post chonkin’ full of news and photos, both of which are a soothing unguent — a mighty spiritual balm! — against the depredations of our era. Let us begin.

Two stars are like two thumbs up, I’m pretty sure. Hey, check it out — Wanderers has earned its second star from the Major Book Review Sites. This time, from Kirkus! Note that the review is just a teeny wee bit spoilery. Or you can just scan this mighty nice takeaway: “Anyone who’s touched on Wendig’s oeuvre, let alone his lively social media presence, knows he’s a full-voiced political creature who’s less concerned with left and right than the chasm between right and wrong, and that impulse is fully on display here. Wendig has stretched his considerable talents beyond the hyperkinetic horror that is his wheelhouse to deliver a story about survival that’s not just about you and me, but all of us, together. Wendig is clearly wrestling with some of the demons of our time, resulting in a story that is ambitious, bold, and worthy of attention.” You can pre-order Wanderers in print, e-book (Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo), and audio. And if you do pre-order? You get some swaggy swag.

Dead things and sweet stuff. Speaking of reviews, Locus did a nice review of Death & Honey.

Hey do you remember when I did some Stars and some Wars? You may have noticed that there was a celestial pop culture event this weekend — in addition to the tectonic release of the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, we also got a Star Wars trailer for Episode IX, and apparently no trailer for The Mandalorian. (I confess I’ll never understand why they make things like commercials con-exclusive. I get that con-goers deserve cool stuff, and they get swag and an experience and opportunity, but then in streaming the panel they blacked out the trailer for people and — like, why? You’re guaranteeing that people at home can’t get excited for this new show that’s going to launch your new streaming service which you probably really need to work. Also GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DANG KIDS.) Point is! A lot of people are like, with the advent of a Mandolorian-armored dude on Tatooine, and a fresh theoretical return of The Emperor (Sheev aka “Steve” Palpatine), that surely means finally, finally we’re seeing some Aftermath content creep into the screen stuff. And my only answer to this is: maybe? I dunno. They don’t tell me anything. It certainly would line up and make sense to mine those books for some data points, at least — but, at the same time? Film and TV leads the train, and most stuff kinda follows along behind it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Abrams and Favreau aren’t even particularly aware of the trilogy’s existence. (See Favreau’s comments about how nobody has explored the time after Return of the Jedi yet. Um. Uhh. Uh?) So! Now’s a good time to read that trilogy if you wanna enjoy some speculative fun! But trust me when I say, I have no idea if anything crossed over or not. The Mary Sue has a good explainer and request, though!

Needless to say, I’m fucking geeked. It is probably not news that I’m excited for new Star Wars. I have my own precious fan theories and desires, but I suppose I should relegate them to their own post?

And now, pretty pretty photos. Here, have some. Take two, they’re small.