Aftermath: Life Debt, And Empire’s End

Well, hello there.

You will note that Star Wars: Aftermath is now a proper trilogy.

You will also note that these books have names, and when things have names, THEY ARE REAL.


Both books continue the adventures of the characters from Aftermath — Norra Wexley and her son Temmin, his maniac B1 battle droid Mister Bones, ex-Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, bounty hunter Jas Emari, and all-around bad-ass SpecForce dude Jom Barell. (Oh, and we shouldn’t fail to mention Admiral Sloane and her mysterious boss.)

Book Two is called Life Debt, which means that finally we will explore the life debt that bonds two of the galaxy’s most iconic characters — classic hero and sidekick, Qui-Gon Jinn and Jar-Jar Binks.

Wait, no.

Sorry, let’s try that again.

Book Two is called Life Debt, and those who read Aftermath will recognize that a certain interlude in that book starring Han and Chewie may have some resonance here…

Book Three is Empire’s End, and if I said any more about that, I would have to lop off your arms with a lightsaber and replace them with bitey ferrets. Sorry, “space-ferrets.”

I don’t know dates, but I expect these will land in 2016 and 2017 respectively. (Actually, looking at the links above, Amazon has the second book listed for May, 2016. Not sure how accurate.)

Congrats too to talented super-pal Delilah S. Dawson, who gets to write one of the cool new novellas based on some of the aliens inside The Force Awakens — in particular, she’s writing “The Perfect Weapon,” a tale of Bazine.

Thanks to all the folks who have dug the books and checked them out. Met tons of fans of the books this weekend at NYCC, which was rad as hell. (Also, for those asking where I got my I Survived The Battle Of Jakku shirt, well, just click this link.)

22 responses to “Aftermath: Life Debt, And Empire’s End”

  1. […] Aftermath: Life Debt (Summer 2016) and Aftermath: Empire’s End (2017) will be the next two from Chuck Wendig, while Claudia Gray has New Republic: Bloodlines set for a spring 2016 release. It’ll be set six years before The Force Awakens, and it doesn’t seem to be a Lost Stars sequel. (The Life Debt and Bloodline covers were spotted earlier today by Jedi Bibliothek.) UPDATE: Chuck Wendig on the upcoming books. […]

  2. Cool news. Really enjoyed Aftermath and “The Perfect Weapon” sounds like a PERFECT Star Wars tale, too! Congrats to you both.

  3. This is so exciting!!! Unfortunately Aftermath keeps being sold out at every damn bookstore in the city and Amazon is telling me they’ll take 5 weeks to ship it. WTF.

  4. I tend to be the type of person who doesn’t get confrontational online. Because it just feels so stupid and pointless. But man, some people have some really hateful things to say on the Del Ray Star Wars Books FB page. Some dude just called you out for featuring “useless homosexuals” and being a “LGBT panderer”. The fuck?

    Thanks for creating this space, where there seems to be a much more tolerant exchange of ideas. I feel like this is my cool new internet blanket fort.

  5. Hi All,
    Read Aftermath 10/10 🙂 Despite what some critics have said I have sided with a good enough lead into the second act of the trilogy was expecting more action but that’s my only criticism. I was worried about all the palaver that some people were making abut the introduction of a gay character into the saga fearing it was a PC thing ?
    Was pleasantly surprised by Sinjeir Rath as he turned out t be one of the better characters of the book, on the whole an enjoyable read so don’t really know what all the negative comments were about ? Looking forward to the next instalment with Life Debt. More power to your pen….


  6. This is great news Chuck. I must confess, I wasn’t familiar with your work prior to the announcement that you penned Aftermath. Back when EW released that first chapter, I gave it a read and said to myself “the hell is this?” My initial response was that I hated it and didn’t like you. What a jerk, right? Anyways, I noticed others had the same sentiments. But perhaps unlike many others who didn’t appreciate your style, I took it upon myself to reread the excerpt again, with a certain “openness” and guess what? I liked it…a lot! Funny things happen when you put unwarranted prejudices aside. The weeks leading up to the release of Aftermath got me pumped up on Wendig so I took advantage of the $1.99 Blackbirds sale on Amazon. Absolutely loved it. By the time I finished, my copy of Aftermath flew in by an Amazon drone (I can only assume this to be true since I was at work), and devoured it in just a few sittings. I wholeheartedly disagree with so many of the crazies on Amazon. I found the novel showcased refreshing rhythm to Star Wars books. I’m so glad I decided to not be a dick and be lazy by hating something I didn’t give a proper chance. I get the sense that you embrace your passion for Star Wars by creating dimensional characters, humor (which I find many of the old EU novels lack), and a general understanding of what the SW universe really is about. I much appreciate your work and look forward to the next two installments. You, sir, have a new life long fan. I’ll be checking out what Miriam’s been up to while I wait.

  7. Fantastic! Cannot wait to read the next two, and Delilah S. Dawson’s novella! Thanks for sharing such great news on a Monday!

  8. Loved the book, can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy. Only quibble is, you had three characters in AFTERMATH whose first names were three letters long and all started with “J”. Nothing wrong with that letter, I just got tripped up by it every once in a while. (and yes, the below is my twitter handle. Oh the irony.)

  9. The only book I enjoyed less than Aftermath was Heir to the Jedi, and god that was a terrible book. What’s with all the typos in Aftermath.. This book/trilogy is in no way what it was advertised to be. Guess that isn’t your fault though. Sadly I’ll probably still buy the next 2 books, hopefully they make more sense. Please stop the random interludes they REALLY messed up the flow of the book .

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