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Behold, Thine Outlines

So, last week I did this BIG DAMN POST about blah blah blah NaNoWriMo is coming up so this is NaPloYoNoMo (National Plot Your Novel Month), which means you should at least try some kind of outline. And in this post I detailed for you a wide variety of outlines that go well-beyond the school-era Roman numeral parade.

I also warned you I was going to ask to see your work.

Well, here I am.

Asking to see your work.

*shocks you with a shock-prod*


By asking, I mean, demanding.


So, if you please? Show us your work.


If you tried your hand at an outline, any outline, any kind of plotting at all, it’d be very snazzy and nifty and spiffy (aka snifftzy) if you showed us how it was going.

If you care to share, of course.

And you do care to share.

Because I have a shock-prod.




(Easiest way to share your work is to drop it in a post of your own, and then give us a link here in the comments so we can all visit and ooh and ahh and offer comments.)