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The Obligatory Terribleminds Recap: Top Posts of 2013 And More

Whoa-dang. Been a big year here.

To my surprise and delight, the site has grown yet again in 2013. We have over 3500 subscribers and this year will take us over the 3 million hit mark which is, you know, it’s mind-boggling and eye-goggling and giddy-making and all that. YOU LIKE ME. YOU REALLY LIKE ME.

My goal as always here is to:

a) try to enlighten/inform

when that fails —

b) try to make you laugh

when that fails —

c) try to dazzle and confuse you with creative profanity.

Hopefully, I’m succeeding.

I see the site gets talked about in different places and seems to have fans up and down the spectrum of writers — from just-starting-neophytes to practiced professionals to the vengeful wraiths of dead authors. This isn’t strictly a writing blog, as obviously I use it to talk about lots of other things (toddler, liquor, coffee, food, culture, things, stuff, doohickeys, pornography, chimpanzees, unicorns, badgers, hobos, Night Ranger, hippogriffs, Cosby sweaters, and dildos).

Plus, it’s nice that a lot of what was here on the blog seemed to connect well — enough to demand the publication of The Kick-Ass Writer, which I’m told is doing well? Woo.

Thanks for checking out the site, obviously. I’ll have a few changes in store for the coming year (one of them I’ll be mentioning tomorrow, actually).

If you have requests for things you’d like me to talk about or suggestions for design changes, do scream it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.

You can also ask me things via Tumblr.

Anywho, if you care to see the top posts of 2013, boom. Got ’em below. (These are technically the top 2013 posts of 2013 — the actual top posts of the year include several from 2011 and 2012 yet, too, that sites like StumbleUpon continue to drive traffic toward.)

You’ll note that two of these top posts are by the magical sylph being known as “Delilah Dawson.”

Because she’s rad and you should be reading her books and stuff.

Top Posts of 2013

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