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The Kick-Ass Writing Group: Photo Contest Results!

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Well, hot damn.

Got some great entries from the writer’s group photos. We actually had 19 different entries from around the country — and actually, around the world, since one such group is based in Dublin. (Click here to see all the photos! No, really. They’ve got pole-dancing. Miley Cyrus. Various weapons. Rubber duckies. Die Hard. Booze. A police line-up. And more!)

But, of course, my job here is to choose a winner.

Which is tough! Because so many cool writing groups.

But, I had to embrace the spirit of ass-kicking that comes with the book.

And as such, I’ve chosen to split the prize between two writing groups.

Reason? Both groups sent photos that embodied KICKING WRITERLY ASS.

The two winners:

Writers Under the Arch, and the Valkyries. Respective photos below:

and —

It was a tough call, but there you go.

Way this works is, I’m going to split the 10-book haul between the two groups and you can fight over who gets what internally. Since you are all clearly armed to the teeth with various bladed weapons, I expect this battle to be epic and brutal and put immediately on YouTube.

Those of you who sent me the group photos: hey, I’m going to email you.

And congrats!

Everybody else: you were awesome, the choice was tough.

Keep kicking ass just the same.