Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Story Title Generator

Last week’s challenge: “Somethingpunk.”

First up, a bit of administrative — I picked three random participants from last week’s challenge to get signed hardcovers of my cornpocalypse cornpunk agridystopia, Under the Empyrean Sky, and those folks are, drum roll please:

S.W. Sondheimer!

D.W. Coventry!

Tia Kalla!

You crazy kids, email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. I’ll need your mailing addresses.

NOW, this week’s challenge:

Click this link.

It will allow you to randomize five story titles.

You’ll pick one title out of the five selected and, duh, you’ll write yourself a nice little ~1000-word bit of flash fiction using that very title. Easy-peasy, hug-and-squeezy.

Due by next Friday (8/16), noon EST.

156 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Story Title Generator”

  1. This is the first time I’ve actually followed through with any kind of writing challenge. So, I’m just going to put on my big-girl pants, forgo all the apologizing and pleading for kindness to a novice and other such foolishness that’s bouncing through my head and share the darned thing. I sincerely hope someone enjoys it.

    Oh, and Chuck? Thanks.

  2. Couldn’t stop generating titles; I have fifteen that intrigue me and am still deciding. Here are the top five:
    1. The Silver Manuscript of Sorcery
    2. The Asylum of Fallen Abbey
    3. A Mistletoe of Glory
    4. Glass in the Ghostlands
    5. The Muddy Black Nothing
    What a gold mine!

  3. Out of the Yellow Cotswold


    I picked the first one after looking up “cotswold,” which is (for anyone else who didn’t know) a sheep of a breed with fine wool, often used to produce crossbred lambs. It gave me a strange twist to work on a short story for an idea I’ve been developing since a large theme of the story is that from two like beings can come a being of an entirely different “breed,” so to speak.

  4. Hello Chuck,

    I follow your blog and thought I would participate in your latest challenge. I chose a weird one and decided to run with it anyway.


    Changing Tartarus – A hitman is offered a means to commute his 1000 year prison sentence: http://wp.me/p1UgIB-De

    ‪#‎scifi‬ ‪#‎amwriting‬ ‪#‎VR‬

  5. After getting my five titles and letting them marinate in the syrupy goo that is the organ formerly known as my brain, I wrote “The Express and the Blackwell” for everyone’s edification and enjoyment, weighing in at a trim 971 words. As always, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome.


  6. Barely in under the wire.


    I’m not too happy with it, considering the potential suggested by the title, but I wanted to get something posted.

    My other options were:
    Queen of Hearts
    Houdini Earth
    The Jewels of Moonlit Salvage
    The Mozart that Shall Not Kill Heist Job

    If I’d had more time I might have abandoned this and tried one of the others. The Jewels of Moonlit Salvage sounds like it also has some potential.

  7. My apologies for the late entry, but this story just wouldn’t behave. Finally had to put it down like a rabid dog. At any rate, this was originally going to be a sort-of Triffids vs. Guy Richie sort of story and just ended up being more of a Guy Richie kind of story but without the gratuitous violence.

    The title of this piece is “Dragging the Plant” and, yeah, it’s way over the 1000-word mark, but I had a blast writing it.


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