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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Story Title Generator

Last week’s challenge: “Somethingpunk.”

First up, a bit of administrative — I picked three random participants from last week’s challenge to get signed hardcovers of my cornpocalypse cornpunk agridystopia, Under the Empyrean Sky, and those folks are, drum roll please:

S.W. Sondheimer!

D.W. Coventry!

Tia Kalla!

You crazy kids, email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. I’ll need your mailing addresses.

NOW, this week’s challenge:

Click this link.

It will allow you to randomize five story titles.

You’ll pick one title out of the five selected and, duh, you’ll write yourself a nice little ~1000-word bit of flash fiction using that very title. Easy-peasy, hug-and-squeezy.

Due by next Friday (8/16), noon EST.