Terribleminds Merch: Mug And Shirt, Motherfuckers

It’s time to do a test run on some merch, see if it’s worth doing this in a bigger way (posters, hats, dildo cozies, hunting vests, chainsaws, Blu-Rays, Manta Rays, moon carvings). So, here’s the deal.

This sale only goes until tonight, say, 8pm EST.

I’m going to sell a mug.

And I’m going to sell a shirt.

This is what goes on the mug:

Or, the inverse:

The t-shirt on the other hand, looks like this, and has the terribleminds logo on the back:

The shirt comes in adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X. Men’s or Women’s. (2X and 3X is $5.00 more.)

EDIT: For some reason the XL option isn’t showing up on the actual drop-down button? (Making and editing Paypal buttons is a bite in the scrotum.) If you order, either add a note to the invoice asking for XL or send me an email at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

The Penmonkey design is by the glorious Amy Houser.

The mug is $20. ($15 + shipping)

The shirt is $25. ($20 + shipping)

I have a Certified Penmonkey t-shirt and a mug (though not yet an Art Harder mug) and both are very nice.

Order through Paypal below.

Shipping right now only to the United States, please. (If there’s a real response to this and it’s worth the time, I’ll blow that out and include international territories. Diggit? Duggit? Good.)

Price includes shipping.

They will be ordered today and arrive ~10 days.

Questions? Drop ’em in the comments.

Sale now over! Thanks all for checking it out.


  • Being in the UK I can’t currently order anything anyway, but I was wondering, should this be a thing and go international and stuff, would you consider doing the penmonkey design on a black t-shirt?

  • While I enjoy and appreciate your flair with language, I would only use the mug at work and would probably get in trouble having it there. When you put the Certified Penmonkey on a mug and sell it, I’ll buy it.

  • For some reason the XL button isn’t showing up on the actual drop-down button? (Making and editing Paypal buttons is a bite in the scrotum.) If you order, either add a note to the invoice asking for XL or send me an email at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

  • Yes, I would also buy the penmonkey mug. Um, coffee containment unit.

    Question: how much coffee does the coffee containment unit hold?

    And, Seriously I can only get these today unless enough people see this and vote yes with their drippy day job earnings?? Gah! Tweet this business, folks!

  • Shit! Would you please cancel the order I just made? My paypal is on crack and is trying to use a card that has NOTHING on it. Tried to get the bank to cancel it but they suck a-hole.
    when its canceled ill reorder with the right info.

    and thanks

  • I sent a message using the contact link below with the info to cancel the first order. I reordered now tho because i have to get to work and wont be home before the sale ends.
    If theres any issue with the purchase, email me.
    Tiz the season to be a Spaz-Monkey………cheers.


  • I’m going to have to hide this from my mom. She’s cool and all, but I think she’ll object to my drinking genteel teas out of a cup with MOTHERFUCKER printed on it.

  • I think the Motherfucker mug is going to have a limited audience(as awesome as it is), but I did capture some of your sayings on my Wendigisms page and some might be suitable for mugging:
    -A Hot Fresh Bucket of Words
    -High on my own stink, huffing my word fumes
    -Mastering Manuscript Lovingmaking 7
    -Progress tastes like bacon
    -Embrace the rewrite, from behind
    -Writing is a job on par with Unicorn Tamer
    -Bleeding Imagination Juice on the Page
    -*Poop Noise*

    There are many great ones, but these are work friendly

    BTW I am ready to post part deux with your permission

  • Just put in my shirt order — for an XL, so please check the PayPal “notes to seller”.

    I am also on the other side of the planet (literally), so I’m not sure if I made the deadline. It’s in the morning on November 30th here, which should put me +/- an hour or so of 8:00 PM EST.

    BTW, this shit looks great!

  • I’m not living in the US, but I would like to drop a short note saying that if I was, I would be buying the hell out of those mugs. They would make perfect Christmas gifts for my writerly friends.

  • I read your blog with my early morning coffee. I missed this post. Please pop back before Christmas and have the sale for a minimum of 36 hours.. I want a t-shirt. I think I want the mug too. Yes I want the mug.. Anything else you having laying around. Have a great day Mr. Wendig

  • I’m another interested in international orders too. And I’ll jump on the list of other things that I’d happily throw money at you for:

    For those of us whose muse isn’t coffee but a little more “medicinal” an etched glass tumbler/pint glass with damn near anything of yours on it

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