Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Last 1000 Words Of An Non-Existent Novel”

This challenge is a strange one. It came to me (IN A DREAM okay not really in a dream) and I thought, “Well, that’s a bit curious, innit?” So, I figured I’d float it, see who grabbed hold.

I want you to write the last 1000 words of a non-existent novel.

In other words: “the ending.”

Now, you can be a bit meta with this — the ending in your mind may be a tidying up, a denouement, or you may instead choose to write a climactic end moment before imaginarily closing the curtains.

Also, those 1000 words are a loose set of guidelines. Could be 500, could be 1500 — whatever you need.

So, get to writing, folks.

I’ll send a random participant an ART HARDER, MOTHERFUCKER mug, provided you’re in the United States. If you’re international, I’ll send you an e-book. Or naked pictures of myself rubbing food into my beard, whatever you prefer.

Your deadline is noon EST, Friday, December 7th.

Now let’s bring this utterly fake book inside your head to a close.

46 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Last 1000 Words Of An Non-Existent Novel””

  1. If we are in the United States can we opt for the naked pictures of you rubbing food in your beard instead of the mug? Or maybe you can slip one of those pictures in the mug before packing it up and shipping it out.

  2. In The Tunnels, or “How to survive when you’re trapped between Tijuana and San Diego in an underground drug tunnel.”

    Full disclosure: much of this was written before, but I pulled it out of the unfinished bin and revised for the contest and made the scene into a novels ending.

  3. flash fiction submission yo: http://www.amalynneo.com/corporate-encounters.html

    Oh, and you know why you had this dream… because Fiction Faze flash fiction was born “a la meme temps,” the stars are aligned *twilight zone theme song*.

    This is an awesome way to warm up for the launch of our flash fiction hub Dec. 15th.

    I’ll try not to get too hot and bothered thinking about your beard while I alert our community.


  4. Okay, I didn’t find an immediate need to write the thousand word conclusion of the imiginary novel but the line, “The guy could be the Chuck Wendig of vascular reconstruction some day.” popped into my head. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’ll probably follow up on it.

    • That kicked ass Nat! Is there a reason your blog is closed to comments? Oh, and uh, I don’t think the demons that come out of Chuck’s nether regions can read and write…

      • Thanks. I’d say the subject was close to my heart but it’s not – I just find it really fucking annoying. The reasons my blog is closed to comments are a) I don’t know how to open it to comments, and b) I’ve seen YouTube comments.

        • Aw c’mon Nat, embrace the criticism of the www! Comments, good and bad, are just fuel. In the words of Marcellus Wallace, “You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That’s pride FUCKIN’ with you! You gotta fight through that shit!”

  5. Now I’ve got to write this novel… not to see how it turns out, but to see how it started.

    But it must get in line, for I shall finish what I started before I finish what I just ended.

    *goes to lie down a minute*

    I give you “In My End is My Beginning”, which is really an ending begging for a sequel, because I like endings that ask questions as well as answer them.


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