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Terribleminds Merch: Mug And Shirt, Motherfuckers

It’s time to do a test run on some merch, see if it’s worth doing this in a bigger way (posters, hats, dildo cozies, hunting vests, chainsaws, Blu-Rays, Manta Rays, moon carvings). So, here’s the deal.

This sale only goes until tonight, say, 8pm EST.

I’m going to sell a mug.

And I’m going to sell a shirt.

This is what goes on the mug:

Or, the inverse:

The t-shirt on the other hand, looks like this, and has the terribleminds logo on the back:

The shirt comes in adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X. Men’s or Women’s. (2X and 3X is $5.00 more.)

EDIT: For some reason the XL option isn’t showing up on the actual drop-down button? (Making and editing Paypal buttons is a bite in the scrotum.) If you order, either add a note to the invoice asking for XL or send me an email at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

The Penmonkey design is by the glorious Amy Houser.

The mug is $20. ($15 + shipping)

The shirt is $25. ($20 + shipping)

I have a Certified Penmonkey t-shirt and a mug (though not yet an Art Harder mug) and both are very nice.

Order through Paypal below.

Shipping right now only to the United States, please. (If there’s a real response to this and it’s worth the time, I’ll blow that out and include international territories. Diggit? Duggit? Good.)

Price includes shipping.

They will be ordered today and arrive ~10 days.

Questions? Drop ’em in the comments.

Sale now over! Thanks all for checking it out.