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Flash Fiction Challenge: Over The Top Pulp Insanity

Last week’s challenge: “Must Love Dinosaurs.”

So, Dinocalypse Now is out and so too is the e-novella sequel to Double Dead (called Bad Blood, featuring the continuing adventures of Coburn the vampire in a zombiepocalypse), I feel like I want to stick in the realm of “over the top pulp” — between the two books I throw at the audience everything from jet-packs to kilted gorilla professors to Ketamine cults to zombie-hunting orphans to shark-men to… well, the list goes on. That further calls to mind those images online where a robot Abe Lincoln is shooting fire out of his eyes at a giant city-destroying brain-in-a-jar, and the sky is filled with F-16s fighting pterodactyls and…

Well, you get the point.

Crazy pulp shiznit.

Because it’s awesome.


Your task this week is to go apeshit.

To go moonbat.

To go cuh-razy with the over-the-top pulp weirdness.

Whatever that means to you — “pulp insanity” — just run with it. For up to 1000 words. You know the drill: post at your space, link back here so we can all see it. You’ve got a week. Due by noon, Friday, May 18th.