Flash Fiction Challenge: Over The Top Pulp Insanity

Last week’s challenge: “Must Love Dinosaurs.”

So, Dinocalypse Now is out and so too is the e-novella sequel to Double Dead (called Bad Blood, featuring the continuing adventures of Coburn the vampire in a zombiepocalypse), I feel like I want to stick in the realm of “over the top pulp” — between the two books I throw at the audience everything from jet-packs to kilted gorilla professors to Ketamine cults to zombie-hunting orphans to shark-men to… well, the list goes on. That further calls to mind those images online where a robot Abe Lincoln is shooting fire out of his eyes at a giant city-destroying brain-in-a-jar, and the sky is filled with F-16s fighting pterodactyls and…

Well, you get the point.

Crazy pulp shiznit.

Because it’s awesome.


Your task this week is to go apeshit.

To go moonbat.

To go cuh-razy with the over-the-top pulp weirdness.

Whatever that means to you — “pulp insanity” — just run with it. For up to 1000 words. You know the drill: post at your space, link back here so we can all see it. You’ve got a week. Due by noon, Friday, May 18th.

36 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Over The Top Pulp Insanity”

  1. I swear to God I thought I just did this with fuckin Tonto and the Lone Ranger lassoing some goddamn dinosaurs! What the hell do want from me?

    I’ll be back. But you won’t like it.

  2. I’m now on a mad search to uncover the much-abused copies of Doc Savage I once owned. Besides that I have the insane urge to write a western. *sigh*

  3. Damn, you, Chuck Wendig!

    For a while I didn’t have an idea for this, but now I do and I can’t help but write it, but it’s going to be WAY over 1,000 words. So I might be disqualified, but I’ll post a link to it here anyway when it’s done, couple more days maybe.

  4. OK, OK, so I absolutely and totally made a mess of the brief and I’m completely disqualified.

    But Chuck’s challenge started me thinking about a story and a plot, and one thing led to another and there was this story forming and what the hell it was going to be a long story but I had to write it anyway, and it’s not really pulp fiction.

    So it ended up at 4,650 words (!?!) and it’s called “The Adventures of Tin Lizzie” and it’s here:


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