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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Paint Color Title Scheme

Last week’s challenge: “Over The Top Pulp Fiction Insanity

I love shopping for paint because the paint colors are so bizarrely and uniquely named.

And I thought, hey, a challenge based on some of those colors would be kinda rad.

So, here’s the deal.

I’m going to list ten paint colors. Choose one. This chosen paint color forms the title to your story.

Bonus challenge: try to make color a big part of the story. In imagery, plot, character, whatever.

Here, then, are the colors:

Grasshopper Wing

Bone China

Timeless Lilac

Pageant Song

Burnt Tile

Fuchsia Kiss

Flamingo Dream

Glorious Gold

Mermaid Song

Flint Smoke

You, as usual, have one thousand words and one week to complete.

Due by Friday, the 25th, at noon.

Post at your blog. Link here. Now go color.