Wuzza Wooza Wendig?

So, first things first, I have to show you that. “That” being that image up there. That’s right, cats and kittens — another jaw-dropping eyeball-popping Joey Hi-Fi cover for yours truly. This time, for the next in the Miriam Black series, Mockingbird. (Cool interview with “Mister Hi-Fi” right over here.)

I’m the luckiest book boy in the world.

What else is going on?

Well. Lessee.

• The Bait Dog Kickstarter has 20 days left and we have crossed over the $4500 threshold. Which is crazy delicious. But, as yet, we have not yet crossed over into the “second book a-coming” bracket, which is set at a $6000 milestone. So, if you want to make me write another Atlanta Burns novel beyond Bait Dog, well, you know what to do.

Shotgun Gravy (the novella that comes before Bait Dog) has been picking up a ton of very loving reviews lately. Producer Paul says, “I continue to be more and more impressed with author Chuck Wendig, and Shotgun Gravy is no exception.” Josh Loomis says, “It’s a tense read, crackling with nervous energy and dread anticipation of what will happen next.” Jess says, “[Atlanta Burns is] human, vulnerable and yet ballsy in a way most people just wish they were.” Oh, and finally, 58 smashing reviews hanging out at the novella’s Amazon page.

• Another Kickstarter is doing well, and it’s also one to which I contributed — Smallsmall Thing is a documentary about the rape of a little Liberian girl and what that means for her family, her community and her country. I did some script work on it, and it’s a very powerful story. It’s already over 33% — worth taking a peek (click here).

Blackbirds rocks another very kind review — “This is a relatively small price to pay though when you’ve got Wendig throwing you into any number of violent and chilling encounters with what is becoming his typical abrasive attitude. The guy has only written two books and already I can’t get enough. If you’re after some urban fantasy that is by no means typical then ‘Blackbirds’ is probably already on your wish list. For everyone else, give it a go anyway and have your mind blown. Wendig takes you on a journey, down the forgotten highways of America, that you won’t soon forget.” From the review at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review!

• Oh! Another great Blackbirds review (at the World Writ Small) says: “Probably the best thing about this book is that it never leaves you time to feel sorry or second guess any of the characters. They are so clearly drawn that everything about them feels realistic, and hate them or not, you know they’re just going to keep on keeping on. The worst thing about this book is that it ends.”

• Dang, the hits just keep coming! From Dead End Follies: “There are many plot twists to Blackbirds that will make you stand up and yell ‘OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOD. NO WAY’ but they are strategically placed in the story, so you never know when you’ll be slapped across the face. Keeps a reader tense, believe me. All in all, it’s a crazy story I could very well see on film in the new few years.”

• A very kind review of Double Dead by writer pal Eddy Webb, where he refers to me as a “subtle storyteller.” And then, surprisingly, does not admit to having just eaten a faceful of acid.

• Holy crap! Bad Blood cover! (Sequel to Double Dead, in case you didn’t realize.)

• Holy crap! I just saw the Dinocalypse Now cover! But you can’t see it! Yet! Soon! I’m sure! Exclamation point!

• Some of my #fakeoscars tweets were agglomerated at the Washington Post culture blog.

• Am in the process of unfucking my own YA cornpunk novel, Popcorn.

• Our son took his first step — like, he was holding onto the couch, he pivoted, took a full step on his own, and then tumbled into his mother’s arms. It’s not walking, not yet, but I think we’re getting closer now. He’s nine months old and he’s been standing up like crazy (15 second record!). And he also built an F-14 out of our couch and flew it to the moon where he established a lunar colony for lost puppies. Okay, maybe not so much that last part.

• Finally, the good news is, terribleminds is getting to be very popular. The bad news is, that popularity costs. My web fees have gone up again in response to “increased compute cycles,” which is I guess the same as saying, “The robots are having to work harder to manage the strain your blog is causing on the rest of the robot universe.” Or something. May need a new host soon, or may really need to start considering new ways to fund this site.