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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Sub-Genre Tango, Part II

This past week’s Frankie Bill-themed challenge — “Must Love Guns” — is ready for your perusing.

It’s time again to smash a bunch of genres together and see what we get. Had fun last time. Will have fun this time. If I’m not having fun this time, I’m going to disintegrate one of you with my orbital laser.

Oh, stop. I don’t really own an orbital laser.

I lease it from a bunch of high-tech Somali pirates.


You will pick two genres from this list of sub-genres I give you. You will mash up those two genres into a piece of flash fiction, ~1000 words long. Easy like Sunday morning.

Here, then, is the list:

Southern Gothic


Sword & Sorcery


Black Comedy


So, will we see Picaresque Femslash? Southern Gothic Cyberpunk? A Black Comedy S&S tale?

Mix and match, kids.

I’ll offer a prize yet again — I will do a critique and edit of up to 3000 words of your work. A slice of a novel, a short story, whatever. I’ll give it a look-see and add my comments.

That’s what’s on the table.

You’ve got a week. Friday the 26th by noon EST.

You know the drill.

Start dancing that tango.