Penmonkeys, Promos, And Updates, Oh My

*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

From today (Monday) to one week from today (next Monday, Aug 22nd), if you buy a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY, I will comp you a PDF copy of 250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING. If you buy the PDF of COAFPM, I’ll just send you a copy of the other e-book automagically. If you buy COAFPM via Kindle or Nook, you will need to email me at terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com with proof-of-purchase. Easy-peasy boop-und-squeezy.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and avoiding my irritating broadcasts, COAFPM is a mega-ultra-head-crushing tome of writing advice. By yours truly. (But I assume you knew that much.)


$4.99 at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), B&N, PDF

Now, if you want updates as to what I’m working on? Or where you can find me?

Let’s see…

I’ve got a new White Wolf project in the works that I’m developing — a little something-something called A House Divided. I’m also on as writer for another WW project down the road, as-yet-unmentioned.

I’m hammering out MOCKINGBIRD, the sequel to BLACKBIRDS.

I just finished the second (and presumably final) edit on DOUBLE DEAD.

The first Atlanta Burns novella — SHOTGUN GRAVY — is cooling its heels while I plan the second and third novellas. Then I intend to release them one after the other, a month or so apart.

The film continues baking. Zeroing in on casting. Saw some cool new storyboards for the piece.

Got a second film moving into treatment phase this week.

The TV show remains defunct.

I’ve got a short story — one of my favorites I’ve ever written, thanks to some direction from editor Robin Laws — in a collection called THE NEW HERO (vol 1). Just saw the cover from Gene Ha, and wow.

Have various other novels in various other stages of possibility.

Contemplating various things:

a) Starting work on a comic project

b) A Kickstarter project for an anthology of really cool writers doing really cool things.

c) Seeing if I can scare up some video game work.

d) Seeing if I can’t scare up some new transmedia work.

(Which reminds me: as always, if you have work for me, I remain eager and available.)

Now, your turn.

Throw out some updates. How’re you doing? Whatchoo working on? Share with the world.

I wanna be excited about your stuff.