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Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words

Last week’s challenge is still live, and I’ll be tallying them throughout the day, but for now, hit the comments for flash fiction *and* drink recipes at “THE COCKTAIL.”

And now, this week’s challenge.

The Internet is home to many-a-random-word-generator, and there’s nothing quite like letting an insane computer determine the course of events! After all, we are ceding much of our lives to technology, why not let technology determine the nature of this week’s flash fiction bonanza? So, I hit up one such random word generator (this one, if you so care), and let it pick five words.

Those five words are:




“Mobile Phone.”


Your flash fiction story — back up to 1000 words for the limit — must feature each of these five words. You don’t necessarily need to use the words so much as you need to incorporate what they are into the story. (“Mobile phone” is an antiquated way of saying cell, mobile, smartphone, whatever — so, you don’t need to use the term so much as you need to make sure a cell phone is a part of the plot. So too with flirting, a figure, dusk, and a wig.)

You have one week. Challenge closes end of next Friday.

Post stories at your own blogs. Link back to here, then post a comment to make sure we can all see it and read your tale of wiggy, flirty figures using mobile phones at dusk. Or something.

Go forth and be penmonkeys.

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