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  • 2011 In The Rearview, 2012 In The Mirror Of My Shades

    Looking back, staring forward. Standing on this head-of-the-pin moment between two years — an arbitrary distinction, perhaps, from when one calendar becomes useless and a new one must be hung, but a distinction just the same and a fine enough moment to pause and reflect.

  • December Is The Month Of No Mercy (And Other News!)

    It’s the month of December and as a gift I’m going to give you: My boot in your ass and my fist in your trachea. It’s time to wipe the bullshit from our faces and squeeze all our little excuses so hard their heads pop off one by one. We will exterminate our worst writerly habits with a Dalek-like enthusiasm.

  • Get Your Pointy Teeth And Practice Your Zombie Shuffle: It’s Double Dead Day!

    Poor, poor Coburn. Once the king of his castle — his castle being New York City — he awakens from slumber to discover that his city and his world have been gobbled up by a zombie apocalypse. Most of the humans are dead. Which means his food source is spoiled.

  • Transmissions From Baby-Town: “The Face Of My Father”

    It’s too early to see how else or how often that glimmer of my father will appear in my son — maybe it’ll come and go and then leave for a time, or maybe it’ll always be there. My son is strong. Independent and stubborn. Like my father and, perhaps to a lesser degree, like me. He’s already good with his hands — my father worked with his hands.

  • 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer

    Hungry for another double-barrel buckshot of questionable writing wisdom unloaded into your brain-guts? Ohhh, I have just the thing for you, my little ink-fingered word-cobblers. Available today: 500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER. Ch-chak! BOOM.

  • Penmonkey Status Report

    Anyway, here’s a general “What The Shizznut is Wendig Up To?” post. Absorb it into your brain-stream or ignore it at your leisure. Contained within: dubious advice! Book covers! Interviews! Promotions! Incitements! Poop noise! Shall we continue? Let’s! As the Doctor would say: Allonsy! (Alonzo.)