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500 Ways To Be A Better Writer

Hungry for another double-barrel buckshot of questionable writing wisdom unloaded into your brain-guts? Ohhh, I have just the thing for you, my little ink-fingered word-cobblers.

Available today: 500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER.

At present, the book is $0.99 — but! That price will go up after one week (around Wednesday November 9th) to $2.99. Those who buy the PDF now are able to select a “pay what you want” price ($0.99, $1.99, $2.99) if you care to pay more for the book. Absurd? Maybe. But you’d be surprised at how often it happens that folks tell me they want to pay more than a buck for books like this. Consider it an experiment!

[Please note: current sale is over!]

Okay, let’s get our procurement options on the table:




(A note about buying direct: if you buy direct, I send you the file — er, directly! — via email. This is generally very fast unless extenuating circumstances prevent this. Like, say, if I’m asleep. Or if Paypal delays sending me the head’s up. Or if I experience a massive power outage. You’ll generally have your file within an hour, unless it’s at night, at which point you’ll have it very early in the morning.)

What The Hell Is This?

This is the sequel to 250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING, and, as many sequels go, this one is bigger and badder — twice the size, in fact, of its predecessor.

It features 20 “Lists of 25” from the blog-bound pages of this very site.

What lists, you say? Well, here’s what’s in it:

Prologue: 25 Things You Should Know About Writing Advice

25 Questions To Ask As You Write

25 Reasons You Won’t Finish That Story

25 Things You Should Know About Endings

25 Things You Should Know About Mood

25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo

25 Things You Should Know About Queries, Synopses And Treatments

25 Things You Should Know About Self-Publishing

25 Things You Should Know About Social Media

25 Things You Should Know About Theme

25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror

25 Virtues Writers Should Possess

25 Ways To Be A Better Writer

25 Ways To Defeat Writer’s Block

25 Ways To Fuck With Your Characters

25 Ways To Make Exposition Your Bitch

25 Ways To Plot, Plan And Prep Your Story

The Life Cycle Of A Novel (In 25 Steps)

Appendix 1: 25 Sleep-Deprived And Also Drunken Thoughts On Writing

Appendix 2: 25 Brief-But-Hopefully-Potent Writing Exercises

Now, four of those are brand new and are not found here at terribleminds — Endings; Mood; Sleep-Deprived And Also Drunken Thoughts; and the writing exercises.

All told, it’s around 50,000 words of total content.

None of it is replicated from 250 THINGS.

Why Buy?

Because this is a mega-explosion of thinking and talking about writing.

Got a big bad case of the writer’s block? Exposition a barnacle-crusted colostomy bag around your hip? Don’t know how to cinch that perfect ending, or describe that perfect mood? Doing NaNoWriMo and want a little something-something, some idea-coal for the story-furnace? Or maybe you just want to hear my drunken ramblings about writing? If any of those apply, then this might just be the book for you. Plus, like I said — for the next week, it’s naught but a dollar.

Alternately, maybe you want to support the blog. Maybe you say, “Hey, I come here every week and Wendig hoses me down and delouses my writer-fed delusions and I come away smelling of rye whiskey and — quite curiously — butterscotch, so why wouldn’t I want to throw a couple coins into the ol’ terribleminds coffers?”

Or — or! — maybe you say, “Well, a ding-dang-doo, that is one cute baby. I would love a guilt-soaked appeal to whatever instincts drive an adult’s need to protect a tiny big-eyed human, and if I can contribute money toward this kid’s diapers-and-college fund, then that makes me feel warm inside, like freshly-baked bread.” See? There he is, all dressed as Babyzilla. And, apparently, pointing at his crotch. So much like his father! Which is, uhh, presumably me? I do often dress like a monster and run around town pointing out my crotch, so I’d say the bloodline has manifested itself elegantly.

Those are just three potential reasons to procure this e-book.

Other reasons might include:

A love of profanity!

Syphilitic insanity!

A hatred of money and so you must spend it as fast as you get it!

A zealous love for all things self-published!

An obsessive and ever-mounting collection of e-books!

The beard! THE BEARD!

And so on.

If you procure? Then you have my thanks. If you don’t nab a copy? I definitely do not wish a plague of bed-bugs upon your home. That would be rude of me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to read this book of ancient hexes. Whyfor? Oh. Uhhh. What? No reason. Just buy the book already.