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  • The Bait Dog Kickstarter Is A-Go

    Atlanta Burns. Teenage girl with a shotgun. Standing up for the used and abused, the bullied and the beaten. A little bit Veronica Mars. A touch of Raylan Givens. Add a dash of Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Now, she wants a ride in her first novel, and so I give you: BAIT DOG. Well, I don’t give it to you yet, I guess — Because BAIT DOG has a Kickstarter drive.

  • The Experiment Ends (And Other News)

    As of late, a number of folks have noticed a phenomenon. You put your work up for free, and then when it once more re-enters paid gravity, suddenly the book becomes a Purchasing Magnet whereupon droves and flocks and herds and gaggles of Amazon readers come out of the woodwork to buy the recently-free book…

  • Shotgun Gravy Is Free For The Next Five Days

    First, I’d like Atlanta Burns to meet some new readers. If this does that, win. I’m keen on finishing and releasing the sequel, BAIT DOG (now likely a novel, not a novella), but I’d like to get this book in more hands before I do so. If this does that? Then hey, score.

  • Where’s Wendig?

    First, I’ll tell you where Wendig is — Wendig is neck-deep in wordsmithy. That’s not a bad thing, obviously, but it’s the kind of thing where every time I blink, I get inkdrops on my eyelashes. I’m keeping my head above the word count, thankfully, but just last night a brand new thing dropped into my lap (in short: someone’s looking for an awesome pitch about something by, drum roll please, Monday).

  • The Chuck Update

    Maybe you saw yesterday, maybe you didn’t, but Abaddon Books has asked me back into the writer’s stable, even after that… incident with the donkey (“Chuck Wendig Returns To Abaddon”). And what will Chuck — er, me — be doing? First up is a sequel to DOUBLE DEAD called BAD BLOOD…

  • Transmissions From Baby-Town: “This Chorus Of Mirth And Madness”

    Christmas came and Christmas went, and in the wake of Santa Jesus we found the flotsam and jetsam of a child’s joy –what I’m saying is, our living room exploded and gave birth to a metric ass-ton of baby toys. And now, over a week later, I’m left rocking back and forth. In the corner.