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  • 25 Financial Fuck-Ups Writers Make

    Some writers have all the business sense of an oar-whacked snapping turtle — we become so focused on words and pages and the imaginary voodoo of made-up storyworlds that we forget that there’s a whole other side to it, a side where if we’re not careful we’ll end up writing our next bestseller out of the back of a rust-bucket conversion van.

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Your Completed Novel

    So. You wrote a book. There it sits before you, whether on the screen or printed out: a city sculpted from the face of a raw and ragged cliff. Epic, I know. Dizzying, even. It’s okay if you want to throw up. Go ahead. Nobody’s watching. HA HA HA HA WE ALL JUST SAW YOU THROW UP HA HA HA — ha, er, oh, sorry.

  • 25 Reasons Readers Will Quit Reading Your Story

    Last week I told you the reasons you’ll keep readers hooked, but now comes the time to look at the reasons you might lose your readers. These are, at least for me, the reasons I’ll close your book and not return. Twenty-five reasons, in fact. So get ready for some tough love and hard truths.

  • 25 Reasons Readers Will Keep Reading Your Story

    I want to be clear: what this should really be titled is, “What Keeps Chuck Reading.” Your mileage may vary, and as such, you should drop down into the comments and tell us: what is it about a book that keeps you reading? I wanna know. All writers everywhere want to know. We hang on […]

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Suspense And Tension

    This’ll be a future list — 25 Things That Keep Them Reading — but for now, be content to know that effective implementation of suspense and tension will keep them coming back and turning pages. And thus it becomes time for another List of 25, this time about implementing suspense in your fiction.

  • 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer

    Hungry for another double-barrel buckshot of questionable writing wisdom unloaded into your brain-guts? Ohhh, I have just the thing for you, my little ink-fingered word-cobblers. Available today: 500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER. Ch-chak! BOOM.