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  • 25 Things Writers Should Know About Agents

    Let’s just get that out of the way right now. You do not require an agent to survive or be successful in this business. If you are without an agent you will not be shot in the streets by roving gangs of publisher-thugs. It is a myth that you cannot get published or produced without an agent to get you there. You may want an agent.

  • 25 Things Writers Should Start Doing

    Consider this, if you will, a sequel to the gone-viral post, “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right Fucking Now)” — sort of a mirrored-reflection be-a-fountain-not-a-drain version. Now, a warning, just in the rare instance you don’t come to this site all that often: Here There Be Bad Words. Naughty profanity. The sinner’s tongue. Lots […]

  • 25 Things Writers Should Know About Finding Their Voice

    One of the questions that’s been driving me of late is, “Just what the hell is an author’s voice and how does he find it and what does he do with it once he has it? Does it make smoothies? Would you eat it with a goat, would you eat it in a boat?” So, I figured I’d see if I couldn’t conjure 25 things I think about a writer and his voice.

  • 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing

    I read this cool article last week — “30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself” — and I thought, hey, heeeey, that’s interesting. Writers might could use their own version of that. So, I started to cobble one together. And, of course, as most of these writing-related posts become, it ended up that for the […]

  • 25 Ways For Writers To Help Other Writers

    But c’mon, son. It’s Christmas week. It’s time to spread a little holly jolly cheer. Time to soak ourselves in Egg Nog and dance on tables, urinating nutmeggy love into one another’s eyes. Um. … yeah. Let’s just move onto the list. Here, then, are ways for writers to help other writers. Please to enjoy.

  • 25 Things Writers Should Know About Rejection

    If you’re a writer, a writer who writes, a writer who puts her work out there, you’re going to face rejection. It’s like saying, “Eventually you’re going to have to fistfight a bear,” except here it’s not one bear but a countless parade of bears, from Kodiaks to Koalas, all ready to go toe-to-toe with you.