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  • 25 Ways To Unfuck Your Story

    I’ve been going through a process of “unfucking” a novel — parts of it fired really well, but it just didn’t feel right. Something about it just didn’t hang together, so it was time to break out all the tools a writer has in his arsenal — every scalpel, hatchet, reciprocating saw, Drilldo, and orbital laser I had. Thus I thought, “Well, hell, I should chronicle the grand unfucking at terribleminds.”

  • 25 Things I Want To Say To So-Called “Aspiring” Writers

    Seen a lot of folks giving advice to so-called “aspiring” writers these days, so, I figured what the hell? Might as well throw my dubious nuggets of wisdom into the stew. See if any of this tastes right to you. Behold, then: 25 things I want to say to you self-proclaimed “aspiring” writers.

  • Now Available: 500 More Ways To Be A Better Writer

    Around these parts, my so-called “Lists of 25” seem to get lots of love — which means it’s time for another collection! If you’re itchy for another avalanche of 500 tips and thoughts on the subject of writing and the writer’s life, look no further — because the next in the series is about to come tumbling the mountain, crushing you with the bulk of its dubious penmonkey wisdom.

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Protagonists

    Ahh, the protagonist. The main motherfucker. The top dog. The mover-and-shaker of your story. Feels like it’s time to crack open the protagonist’s ribcage and get a good long look at his still-beating heart. Another list of 25, incoming. Check your six, and please enjoy.

  • 25 Reasons That Writers Are Bug-Fuck Nuts

    It seems like a good time for a spiritual successor to my earlier “Beware of Writer” posts — this time, jacked into the popular “25 Things” format here that all you cats and kittens seem to like. Plus, it’s sometimes good to speak to the non-writers out there, let ’em know why we get that spooky glint in our eyes once in a while.

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Story Structure

    The other day, I asked where lots of folks had problems with their stories. “Plot” and “structure” came up a lot (and I feel your pain). Hence, here we are with 25 things you might wanna know about narrative structure. Please to enjoy, ye funky penmonkeys.