Category: The Ramble

  • Join The Story, Save The Infected: Pandemic at Sundance

    You have 120 hours to become part of the story. Tweet with the hashtag #pandemic11. Whether with your own account or another of your creation. Tell your tale. Whether it’s one tweet or 100, maybe what you tell the world can save it from the spreading sickness.

  • Minecraft: The Collapse

    I continue to dig, build, and explore. Fact is, I want to find another dungeon. The dungeon made me feel like an intrepid hero-architect, a builder of great things but also a slayer of demons, a gatherer of treasure. I find my second cavern opening not far from the first: just a quarter-day’s walk.

  • Let My Dulcet Voice Hypnotize You

    Yesterday, Dan O’Shea interviewed me. What did we talk about? Well. We talked about Irregular Creatures. We talked about self-publishing. About blogging. About pantsers versus planners. It was a thoughtful conversation, largely devoid of heavy profanity and any mention of cake and/or whores.

  • Painting With Shotguns #64

    Quicky update today (because I’ve got to go snowblow our surprisingly long-ass driveway), and for that I drag the ol’ Painting With Shotguns blog-mode out of the drawer. Forgive me, I suspect it smells a little like mothballs. And, curiously, like ferret musk. Don’t ask questions. Just read.

  • No, Seriously, I’m Not Fucking Around, You Really Don’t Want To Be A Writer

    And so it is time for my annual “Holy Crap The New Year Is Here And Now You Should Reevaluate Your Shit And Realize You’d Be Much Happier As An Accountant Or Botanist Or Some Fucking Thing” post. More reasons you do not want to be a writer:

  • What Makes For A Good Story?

    Next month, I’m thinking I might use this space to take the 40,000 feet view and leave the “writing” discussion behind for February — writing, after all, is really just a delivery system for storytelling. The pen scratching and the fingers tippity-tapping across the keyboard are merely a conveyance. We’re making the unreal real. Writing is a means to that end.