Flash Fiction Challenge: “Random Photo Story”

Last week’s challenge — “Three Sentences For Bear71” is up. I’ll keep folks updated on that page if any are selected and incorporated into the Bear71 experience at the Sundance Film Festical.

This challenge?

Pretty straightforward.

Go here: http://bighugelabs.com/random.php

It will pull up six random Flickr photos.

You will choose three of these photos and incorporate them into a single piece of flash fiction.

Be sure to give us the links of the three photos as well as the link to your story.

You’ve got 1,000 words.

You’ve got one week (Fri, Jan 27th, noon EST).

41 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Random Photo Story””

  1. Interesting challenge… I’ll take it. Do you gift wrap?

    I noticed with the random generator that a lot of the images had the ‘All Rights Reserved’ tag on it, so if you want to use the image on your blog, you have to contact the owner and ask them.

    I’m not sure about just linking to Flickr, do you need to ask them for permission to do that? I assume not.

  2. The photos:

    The warning: not for the religiously sensitive. Which I have a feeling isn’t an issue if you frequent this blog. Still, only fair to warn…

    The link: http://swsondheimer.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/flash-fiction-challenge-random-photo-story/

    I’m getting addicted to these things…

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