Author: terribleminds

  • Choke On Anthony Neil Smith’s Truth, Motherfuckers!

    A.N. Smith is the dude responsible for writing the entirely brilliant CHOKE ON YOUR LIES. Which, by the way, is at the crazy-low price of $2.99. Anthony Neil Smith knows the score, and he’d like to prove it to you. A Day In The Life Of Anthony Neil Smith.

  • To Become A True Storyteller, You Must Cloak Yourself In The Mantle Of Evil Puppetmaster

    Think about it. The best stories — the ones you remember, the ones you tell again and again, the ones you keep coming back to — are the ones that made you feel something. As storyteller, you are an emotional manipulator. You are a callous puppetmaster.

  • Little Chucky’s Screenwriting Bible

    You may note that, in my bio, I sometimes refer to myself as a “screenwriter” in addition to “novelist,” or “game designer” or “freelance penmonkey.” (Also in addition to: “bee wrangler,” “canary in the coal mine,” and “fluffer.”) At this point I no longer consider the identifier a matter of wishful thinking: for years I’ve […]

  • Crowdsourcing Our Child’s Future

    So, what I’d like to know is whether or not you have any advice — anything at all — to share regarding our preparations for the baby’s upcoming existence. Any help is appreciated because, well, as noted earlier, I am doe-eyed and confused. But the truck is coming, and no matter how hypnotized I am by the pretty lights, I have to get cracking.

  • On This Day Of The Foot And The Ball, We Will Instead Speak Of Puppies

    Yep. I’m one of those guys who watches the Puppy Bowl, not the Super Bowl. That may put my masculinity in question, I dunno. Here, let me fix that: I also like Sarah McLachlan and one of my favorite TV shows of all time is Gilmore Girls. Wait, that probably didn’t fix anything.

  • No Happy Endings: Choose Your Doom (Zombie Apocalypse!) Review

    CHOOSE YOUR DOOM: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE — penned by fellow penmonkeys DeAnna Knippling and Dante Savelli — is just like those early iterations except for the fact that the book has no happy endings. It has awesome endings. But none of them are particularly happy.