Author: terribleminds

  • Storytelling And The Art Of Sadness

    Sadness doesn’t merely lurk at the heart of sad stories, but rather, at the heart — the heart’s heart — of all stories. Or, at least, all good ones. The sadness needn’t be overt or outright. It doesn’t have to be the driving force behind a protagonist’s goals and desires, but it feels like it should still be there, behind the scenes.

  • The Carnival Of Pimpage Is Open

    I want you to pimp somebody or something. Not yourself. Not one of your own projects. The work of another. A blog post. A book. A game. A tweet. Or, if not their work, fuck it, just say something awesome about somebody. Regale the world with tales, tales about your pimp target’s kind ways, tremendous hands, humorous outlook, and truly magnificent genitals.

  • How We Speak On The Internet Matters

    So no, I don’t think we should be afraid of critique or review, nor do I think we should be afraid of having opinions or giving advice. I just think that how we convey that matters. The message matters most, but what that message purports to be — what supposed truth it delivers — can’t matter if it’s poorly put forth.

  • “I Don’t Drink Anymore”

    “I know you love Scotch,” is the first thing to come out of her mouth even though she hasn’t seen him for years, and she thrusts the case up and hopes he’ll take it. “This isn’t just Scotch, though, this is the real deal, a, a, a really rare…” She’s nervous. She shouldn’t be nervous. “I went through a lot to get it for you.”

  • Shackleton’s Scotch: A Flash Fiction Challenge

    When Ernest Shackleton abandoned the trip 100 miles from its completion, he left behind his whisky. And they just found it. Someone’s going to drink it. They might even try to replicate it. It’s an awesome story all by itself. From this seed-bed of awesomeness can grow a kick-ass tale. You’ve got 1000 words.

  • Time To Talk About The Thing About That Teacher

    This is what I imagine it’s like to be a teacher in America: It’s like trying to bring God to the apes. You don’t descend into their habitat but rather, ship the apes by bus to you. There, you try illuminate the apes, but apes don’t give a grunting squat about any illumination you aim to give them.