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Another “Where’s Wendig?” update comin’ atchoo.

• I spoke with Kelly Carlin (daughter of, yes, the nation’s greatest comedian) at her Smodcast show, Waking From The American Dream. I talk about writing and Blackbirds and hallucinogens and vaginas and all kinds of crazy stuff. Give a listen here.

• Looks like I’ll be rocking a Blackbirds launch party on April 24th (Tues) at 7:30pm at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach (Los Angeles). Where my LA peeps at? Who’s out on the West Coast? Hope you’ll swing by! I’ll be in the City of Angels for just shy of a week, I think.

• I talk a bit about how having a kid changes a writer’s life in unexpected ways over at The Qwillery. Go there, and leave a comment — you then get a chance at winning a paperback copy of Blackbirds!

• “Chuck Wendig has a reputation for being insightful, foul mouthed and as American as long dusty roads, apple pie and presidential assassinations, so it comes as no surprise that his latest novel Blackbirds is clever, vile and firmly set in the heartlands of the USA.” Blackbirds nets an 8/10 at Starburst Magazine!

• “…in the coming months you’ll be seeing a lot of what I’d like to call ‘sandpaper reviews’ of this book. There will be a metric ton of words like gritty, abrasive, rough, harsh, and edgy. Yes, this book would make a sailor blush. Yes, horrible, terrible, awful, no good, very bad stuff happens to almost everyone. And yes, you’ll be a little shocked if you’re like seventeen year old me. But honestly, by the time I was twenty pages into this book I wouldn’t have put it down for $50. By the time I was 80% of the way through, I wouldn’t have taken $250. Understand, I’m not a rich man, and $250 would do a lot for me. But I HAD to know what would happen to Miriam.” My Awful Reviews gives a glowing high-five to Blackbirds! *happy dance*

• “Reading Blackbirds feels a little like you’re riding a rollercoaster; after tipping over that first crest you’re pulled forward with a momentum that is paralyzing and a force that is unstoppable.” Fantasy Fiction gives the book five stars! *spins around violently until throwing up with sheer dizzying joy*

• “Read this book. Trust me. Blackbirds takes you for a late night cruise down a dark and twisted road without the benefit of headlights. Something bad is just around the bend. You can feel it coming and there’s not a damned thing you can do to stop it.” Woo! Another rave review, this one from Sean Cummings (Poltergeeks). *guzzles whiskey and punches a stuffed pheasant*

I chat with Mighty Matt Forbeck over at his website: we talk Kickstarter and Angry Robot and all kinds of good stuff. He’s a great writer in his own right (do read Carpathia).

• Speaking of Kickstarter! Bait Dog‘s Kickstarter event has only a week left! And we are (at the time of this blog writing) at $4730, which means we are a) completely funded for the first novel and b) underfunded by $1270 to unlock the next novel. Spread the word! If you’ve pledged: thank you! If you’ve shared this with others: thank you! If you gave me a cookie: thank you!

• And Smallsmall Thing, a documentary about the tribulations of a young Liberian girl (on which I did some script work) — has crossed the halfway mark at Kickstarter! Very excited to see this come to light.

• Finally: OH HELLO DINOCALYSPE NOW COVER. *strokes you lovingly*