Author: terribleminds

  • Shackleton’s Scotch: A Flash Fiction Challenge

    When Ernest Shackleton abandoned the trip 100 miles from its completion, he left behind his whisky. And they just found it. Someone’s going to drink it. They might even try to replicate it. It’s an awesome story all by itself. From this seed-bed of awesomeness can grow a kick-ass tale. You’ve got 1000 words.

  • Time To Talk About The Thing About That Teacher

    This is what I imagine it’s like to be a teacher in America: It’s like trying to bring God to the apes. You don’t descend into their habitat but rather, ship the apes by bus to you. There, you try illuminate the apes, but apes don’t give a grunting squat about any illumination you aim to give them.

  • The $0.99 Sale: Results Are In

    So, as you may know, over the Valentine’s Day weekend I went ahead and slapped IRREGULAR CREATURES up on Amazon for a wee widdle dollar (or, rather, a penny shy). How’d it do? Was it worth it? All right, cats and kittens, here’s the poop (and further thoughts on the $0.99 price tag):

  • The Writer’s Survival Guide

    You do this writing thing day in, day out, you start to feel a little nuts. The rejections. The fictions. The criticisms. Endless words. Myriad characters. So much time. And so I give unto you: coping mechanisms. Do as I say. Do not deviate, lest you be struck down by your own lunacy.

  • I Am The Luckiest Bag Of Dirt In The World, Because My Wife Rocks

    I love my wife unmercifully, beyond the periphery of reason and sanity. When I met my wife, we went out to a Chinese restaurant. And we stayed there for four hours. We closed the joint out. They were throwing fortune cookies at our heads to get us to leave…

  • Things You May Not Know About Little Chucky Wendig, Age Eight And A Half

    I figure it’s a good time to get to know one another. Here, then, is a random slapdash written-in-no-sensible-order list of things you may not know about me. It bears no rhyme, no reason. It’s more or less a conglomeration of meaningless facts about yours truly.