Author: terribleminds

  • Blog Needs Blog Juice!

    I need blog squeezin’s. What I’m saying is, this is a one dude operation over here at terribleminds. It’s just me here in my subterranean bunker. I’ve got my lava moat, my hungry CHUD army, my many levers and switches. But all of it is just a hollow exercise if I don’t have something to talk to you fine, fine people about.

  • Painting With Shotguns #65

    I know, I know. Didn’t I say something about not doing Painting With Shotguns every week? Well, uhh. Shut up. Who said I’m back to doing it every week? Huh? Who told you that? Was it the dwarf who hangs out at the bottom of my driveway, peddling his dwarf drugs to all the neighborhood kids?

  • Point Me In The Direction Of Self-Published Awesomeness

    For every one piece of awesome “indie publishing,” you get ten, twenty, maybe even a hundred pieces of nonsense floating around. For every satchel of diamonds you get ten poop-encrusted toilet seats. For every Geoffrey Chaucer you get a hundred brain-sick spider monkeys.

  • On The Subject Of Writing Advice

    I see it from time to time: this sense of flipped-up middle-fingers, this iconoclastic anti-establishment vibe, this sentiment of, “Fuck writing advice, the only way to learn writing is to write, only those who can’t do teach, blah blah blah, suck my butt-pucker, pen-puppet.” I dig it. I get it. Once in a while I […]

  • Whatever, Screw That Jerk, You Totally Want To Be A Writer

    See, you’re over there thinking that being a writer is one big giant sack of squirming misery. That the only way to be a writer is to be a starving, broke, syphilitic lunatic whose flesh is branded with the countless rejections he hath received. No. Bzzt. Hell no.

  • Irregular Creatures: The Contest

    So, here’s your chance to win that very flying cat figurine (value, $15.00) and a $10.00 Amazon gift certificate (value: $10.00, duh). Wanna know how? Buy IRREGULAR CREATURES. Leave an review for it. Then tell me that you did so I don’t have to use my psychic powers to discern your involvement.