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Flash Fiction Challenge: Song Shuffle, Part II

Last week’s challenge — “Tell a story in five sentences” — is all tied up and cinched with a bow. Those looking for a winner to that challenge, keep your eyes peeled on that blog post. I’ll announce at some point today. It’s a toughie, as usual, because, fuckadang, so many good options.

I loved this challenge so much, I’m bringing it back a second time.

As they say, second verse, same as the first.

Here we go:

Go to Your Favorite Music Player. Dig out your digital music collection.

Maybe this is iTunes or Spotify, or use Pandora if you’d rather go that way.

Hit SHUFFLE, then “Play.”

Translation: pull up a random song.

The title to this song is the title to your story.

Use the song for inspiration, too, if you feel so inclined.

Word count is the full-bore double-barrel 1000 words, as usual.

You’ve got a week. Get your stories in by noon EST, March 9th. Just to be a little bit of a dick, I’m going to close the comments after that point — I don’t set a deadline for gits and shiggles, after all.

Post at your blog. Link back. You know the drill.

Now queue up some tunes and get thee to some wordsmithy.