The Weekly Weird

So, AI Art (in this case, using Midjourney) is pretty addictive. (I’ve seen author Cassandra Khaw also doing lots of really cool stuff with it over on their Instagram.) I’ll dump a handful of the really interesting ones I did here on the blog over the last few weeks. It’s fucking weird, like watching a machine dream art into being. I recognize that none of it is “original” in the sense that it’s compositing new material based on things it believes or thinks or envisions, and that ultimately it’s finding a new way to mash together things it can find inside its brain (aka, the internet) — but at the end of the day, sometimes that’s also what art is. I don’t think it should ever take over Human Art, and I pray it doesn’t, but it’s fun to play with. Then again, maybe I’m part of the problem! Ha ha ha! Oh no!

WHATEVER. Here’s some weird shit. Enjoy.

(Feel free to take a guess at the input strings that got me to these images.)

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  1. Most of them are interesting, but I particularly like the ones with the robots and also the vamp girl (?), though she’s creepy as hell. That first one, however, is wonderful.

    • Yeah, the robots — I’ll spoil it here — for those and some of the spaceship ones I asked it to paint me an Andrew Wyeth painting with, well, robots and spaceships. And it did pretty well at that!

  2. Whatever works for whomever, but yeah. No. Just for me — it’s not just the product. It’s the process (through the meat-brain), then the product.

  3. By chance did any of your search terms include “SC supermajority and their Sith overlord”? (I know, the Sith work in pairs. Whatever. Crazy times.)

    Regardless, this is some really fuckin’ creepy stuff. Also very cool, if one can get past the whole AI angle.

  4. A lot of these remind me of things one might find in the Shimmering in Jeff Van der Meer’s “Anihiliation.” They are *all* shudder-inducing, to varying degrees. The “friendliest” are the two rodent-like models; I feel as though I could at least sit in the same room with them and not feel threatened. 🙂

  5. I would be super bummed if I was a surrealist artist, because these AI’s are totally cornering the market of that sort of weirdness.

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