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The Book Club Offer

So, every once in a while, a friend who belongs to a book club will message me and say, “Hey, we’re reading [insert name of one of my books] for our book club and would you mind stopping by (virtually) to talk to us about said book?”

And I’ve done it and it’s been great.

And here’s why it’s been great:

At a normal signing / book event, I can talk about the book in a sideways sort of manner — we can talk around a bunch of stuff but I can’t answer any really squirrelly questions about it, because I don’t want to spoil anything, and ideally, some or most of the people at such an event have not read the book.

But! At a book club, that’s not the case. Presumably, everyone has read the book by the time they’re talking to me, and so that means they can ask me more specific questions about the whole book, and I can answer those questions without fear of stepping on spoilers. Which is really fun and I really like it.

So, an offer: if your book club is reading one of my books, and you’d like me to talk to said book club about said book (virtually!), I am glad to do so.

With the following caveats:

The book club shouldn’t be like, just you. I’d say five or more people would be necessary. I KNOW YOUR TRICKS, THAT ONE GUY. Dave. No I won’t just talk to you, Dave. You gotta form a book club. Dave.

It is obviously subject to both of our schedules, and I make no promises, but I will do my level best to make it work out.

Generally, any virtual chats will have to be late afternoons or early evenings.

Again, these are virtual meetings, not in-person. I’ll only do in-person book club chats if you fly me out there and put me up in the fanciest hotel and buy me a pony or at least a bottle of excellent gin. So in other words: virtual meetings only.

And I think that’s it.

So, again:

If you got a book club and you’re reading one of my books (especially The Book of Accidents or Wanderers) then I may visit your book club like some kind of Author Fairy, and I will sprinkle upon you the Answers to your Many Questions. Or something. Shut up.

AND a reminder too that tomorrow night, I’ll be chatting (live! not virtually!) with Paul Tremblay at Doylestown Bookshop, 7PM. And you should buy his novel, The Pallbearers Club, because you’re a smart person with excellent taste.

And I’ll also be at the Colorado Gold Writer’s Conference in Denver, CO on Sept 9th to the 11th. Details here.