Munchings & Crunchings: Dust & Grim, Black Cauldron, And Other Grunted News Utterances

HELLO FRANDOS. Want some naturally Wendig-scented updates? Organic? Free-range? Bespoke and artisanal? Here goes.

For My Birthday I Demand Proper Paeans In The Form Of Preorders

So we’re clear, I don’t actually demand anything from you for my birthday (*stares uncomfortably*), but were you so inclined, I might suggest that for my birthday, you treat yourself and buy yourself the gift of booooooks.

Currently, B&N is running a pre-order campaign from 4/20 – 4/22 (the latter of which is in fact my bloodsoaked nativity), and that campaign — using the coupon of PREORDER25 — gets you 25% off preordered books.

And, my my my, it sure looks like I have books you can preorder.

What books, you ask?

Well, first up, Dust & Grim is hitting paperback on October 4th, and you will note here that it has a brand new shiny cool cover, by artist George Ermos:

Behold! It is very cool! Look at that very nice blurb!

And then of course, on November 15th, the sequel to Wanderers, Wayward, also arrives. It’s a big motherfucker, that book, over 280,000 words of Weird Post-Apocalyptic American Sci-Fi Horror, so, that’s also an option on the table for your pre-ordering needs.

You can preorder Dust & Grim here from B&N.

You can preorder Wayward here from B&N.

But you can also preorder these from your local booksellers, and if you’d like a signed/personalized copy, you can nab a copy from Doylestown Bookshop.

In that B&N preorder sale, by the way, you can also seize on a number of excellent upcoming books, including but not limited to: The Fervor, Alma Katsu; Ghost-Eaters, Clay McLeod Chapman; The Pallbearer’s Club, Paul Tremblay; The Devil Takes You Home, Gabino Iglesias; The Clackity, Lora Senf; The Appearing House, Ally Malinenko; Camp Scare, Delilah Dawson; Hide, Kiersten White.

Munchings and Crunchings

The ever-delightful Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Red Scott had me on their podcast, Failure to Adapt, which is a show where hosts and guests pick a book that has been adapted onto the screen, and then they talk about the book and its adaptation. We chose Lloyd Alexander’s Black Cauldron.

It was a blast.

The book is great.

The movie is uhhh.


Embrace your inner assistant pig-keeper and listen here.

A Hug Is Like Violence Made Of Love

I am told that Mister Bones, the lovable murder-droid from Aftermath, is a playable character in the new LEGO Skywalker Saga game, if this is a thing that intrigues you, my dearest Frandolorian.

The Birds Are Back, Baby

We’re not in full migratory swing here, but already I’ve seen brown thrashers, Eastern towhees, Eastern Phoebes, ruby-crowned kinglets, and more. Photos to come. Also a Carolina wren couple has taken over our watering can, laying eggs in it. I tried to pick it up the other day and one of said wrens flew directly into my face, so now I probably have some kind of rare WREN FLU. You’re welcome. This is why you should keep wearing masks everywhere because I might sneeze weird WREN GERMS onto you and accidentally end the world.


9 responses to “Munchings & Crunchings: Dust & Grim, Black Cauldron, And Other Grunted News Utterances”

  1. I didn’t think many people remembered Black Cauldron, well at least in my circles anyway.
    My computer background is the Horned King whipping up a batch of the undead. haha
    I was first introduced to the Cauldron thru an Amiga 500. Looking forward to the podcast!

  2. I wondered why munchings and crunchings sounded so familiar. Gurgi! You are absolutely correct, the Black Cauldron is all delight while the adaptation is so much not. I’ll have to give that podcast a listen, thank you!

  3. I mean when you kludge together The Book of Three and the Black Cauldron leaving so many good parts to the wayside you’re left with Disney’s Black Cauldron.

    This was the first time I made the mistake. Picture it, it’s 1984 I’m 9 watching the Disney Channel’s special behind the scenes special on their animation hosted by Hailey Mills with a special 10 minutes on their upcoming animated classic The Black Cauldron coming Summer 1985. I rush into the elementary school library the next time library day rolls around 3 days and later and begin with The Book of Three and end with The High King. I read the whole series 2 more times that fateful 4th grade before summer. Then I see the movie. The mistake. Book then movie. Mistake.

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