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Munchings & Crunchings: Dust & Grim, Black Cauldron, And Other Grunted News Utterances

HELLO FRANDOS. Want some naturally Wendig-scented updates? Organic? Free-range? Bespoke and artisanal? Here goes.

For My Birthday I Demand Proper Paeans In The Form Of Preorders

So we’re clear, I don’t actually demand anything from you for my birthday (*stares uncomfortably*), but were you so inclined, I might suggest that for my birthday, you treat yourself and buy yourself the gift of booooooks.

Currently, B&N is running a pre-order campaign from 4/20 – 4/22 (the latter of which is in fact my bloodsoaked nativity), and that campaign — using the coupon of PREORDER25 — gets you 25% off preordered books.

And, my my my, it sure looks like I have books you can preorder.

What books, you ask?

Well, first up, Dust & Grim is hitting paperback on October 4th, and you will note here that it has a brand new shiny cool cover, by artist George Ermos:

Behold! It is very cool! Look at that very nice blurb!

And then of course, on November 15th, the sequel to Wanderers, Wayward, also arrives. It’s a big motherfucker, that book, over 280,000 words of Weird Post-Apocalyptic American Sci-Fi Horror, so, that’s also an option on the table for your pre-ordering needs.

You can preorder Dust & Grim here from B&N.

You can preorder Wayward here from B&N.

But you can also preorder these from your local booksellers, and if you’d like a signed/personalized copy, you can nab a copy from Doylestown Bookshop.

In that B&N preorder sale, by the way, you can also seize on a number of excellent upcoming books, including but not limited to: The Fervor, Alma Katsu; Ghost-Eaters, Clay McLeod Chapman; The Pallbearer’s Club, Paul Tremblay; The Devil Takes You Home, Gabino Iglesias; The Clackity, Lora Senf; The Appearing House, Ally Malinenko; Camp Scare, Delilah Dawson; Hide, Kiersten White.

Munchings and Crunchings

The ever-delightful Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Red Scott had me on their podcast, Failure to Adapt, which is a show where hosts and guests pick a book that has been adapted onto the screen, and then they talk about the book and its adaptation. We chose Lloyd Alexander’s Black Cauldron.

It was a blast.

The book is great.

The movie is uhhh.


Embrace your inner assistant pig-keeper and listen here.

A Hug Is Like Violence Made Of Love

I am told that Mister Bones, the lovable murder-droid from Aftermath, is a playable character in the new LEGO Skywalker Saga game, if this is a thing that intrigues you, my dearest Frandolorian.

The Birds Are Back, Baby

We’re not in full migratory swing here, but already I’ve seen brown thrashers, Eastern towhees, Eastern Phoebes, ruby-crowned kinglets, and more. Photos to come. Also a Carolina wren couple has taken over our watering can, laying eggs in it. I tried to pick it up the other day and one of said wrens flew directly into my face, so now I probably have some kind of rare WREN FLU. You’re welcome. This is why you should keep wearing masks everywhere because I might sneeze weird WREN GERMS onto you and accidentally end the world.