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Wanderers TV News And, Wait, Did Someone Mention A Sequel?

So, Deadline got to break some very cool news.

That news is a many-headed hydra of awesomeness, and consists of three beats: first, QC has partnered with Lionsgate Television for the project; second, Glen Mazzara (The Shield! The Walking Dead! Dark Tower TV show that should’ve been picked up but wasn’t!) is on as showrunner; and third, the book is getting a sequel in 2022!

Obviously, I’m geeked as hell about this — Glen is amazing, honestly, and gets the book and has dug down to its marrow for what the show could look like. Lionsgate is the perfect choice, too, and are committed to the show in a big way, along with QC. And the sequel…

Well, listen, I always said this is a story I’d continue if it felt right, and if sales bore that out. Meaning, okay, yes, I wrote the book to be a contained story, start-to-finish, but it was one that could conceivably have a robust “second chapter” if I found the right angle, the right reason, the right throughline. Sales, as it turned out, were good — the book was a national bestseller, and has outsold everything else I’ve written with the exception of the first couple Star Wars books. Then — literally on the plane ride out to begin my book tour for it last July! — the entire story for the sequel came to me wholesale, and that was when I knew there was something there, and more tale to tell.

(Sidenote, the sequel is tentatively titled Wayward.)

On the TV side of things, the most vital of caveats applies: it doesn’t mean it’s coming to your TV anytime soon. The work now is to shop it around to to find the right network/streaming partner for it to see if they’ll bring Glen and Lionsgate’s vision of the book to light. I’m hopeful, because hot damn, what a team. I knew we were in good hands with QC and this only sweetens the sauce. But it’s by no means a guarantee. Things happen! And the exact future of TV and film production remains unsettled. But hope is on the wind, like a white fungus that will colonize your face and brain!

Uh. Ahem.

Anyway. Them’s the news! News I’ve been sitting on, in part, for almost a year, now.

More news to come, and will share when I can.

Meanwhile, I guess I should write that sequel now, huh?

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