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Where’s (Virtual) Wendig?

Take the red pill and you stay in Wendigland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. (I loathe that a bunch of zero-brained nitwits have taken “red pill.”) ANYWAY. Hey, hi, I’m back — finally got a new computer, summer is ending, and so begins the season of renewed work. I just did edits on two books (Dust & Grim, Magic Skeleton) and have edits on a third book (Book of Accidents), all of which are coming out in… 2021? I think? Assuming the world doesn’t end. And we have an election coming up? Aaaagh.

Regardless, it is also the season where I “travel” — meaning, I’m doing a bunch of “events” where I am “present” and where I use vigorous “quotation marks” to remind us all that “none” of this is actually very “normal.” Just the same, these events should be cool, despite their virtuality — and hey, do you remember that movie? Virtuality? I recall it being sorta fun, but I also recall it having a fucking killer soundtrack, where I first learned to love Lords of Acid.

That is apropos of nothing.

tl;dr, I’mma be some places online you can find me, and here’s where:

Weds, 9/16, 7pm: A chat with Christopher Paolini over Crowdcast via Doylestown Bookshop, in support of TO SLEEP IN A SEA OF STARS

Sat, 9/26, 7pm: A chat with Col. Terry Verts via Book Passage, in support of HOW TO ASTRONAUT

Fri, 10/16, 8pm: A chat with Cory Doctorow via Fountain Bookstore, in support of ATTACK SURFACE.

Tues, 10/20, 7pm: Keynote for attendees of the Pennsylvania Library Association conference.

Weds, 10/28, 1pm: Inside Writing talk show, episode “Writing the Weird”

Fri, 11/6, 5:15pm: Opening keynote to Writer’s Digest Conference Online

And that’s me. More details as I have them, and of course in this completely nonsensical nightmare era, everything is TBD and forever in-flux. It may still be March? Who knows!