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Terribleminds, Reborn In The Ashes Of Moderate Dysfunction


As you’ll note, the blog looks a little different, now.

New theme, some tweaks, some gentle massages.

If you’ll do me a very kind favor — swing by, scout around, see how everything looks? Make sure nothing seems broken? I’ll keep on tweaking some of the typography and stuff, but I’m mostly digging how it looks. Hopefully it serves as a fairly nice update to the site given that it’s been a while since I’ve actually changed shit around here.

The merch section is gone, because it was crap — also I’ve had a few issues getting paid from sales by the provider, Zazzle, so I’m going to wait to see if they’ll fix that before I go re-upping. Also noodling on a way to sell photo prints here, too, but that’s something for down the road.

New contact page.

New about me page.

Updated appearances.

My books/works section is updated, too — though I’ll still need to do some tweaks on individual pages to make them all line up and be consistent across each. Anyway! If you’ll do me the greatest solid of dropping into the comments and letting me know how it all looks? Thanks! You’re the bee’s knees. The literal bee’s knees. Without you, a bee can’t do karate.

And that makes you damn important.