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Flash Fiction Challenge: Slasher Movie Edition

So, given this interaction and also the release of Riley Sager’s FINAL GIRLS, I figure today’s flash fiction challenge would be cool if it played with the slasher movie story type — so, write a story that has something to do in some way with a slasher film narrative. (Think, HalloweenNightmare on Elm StreetFriday the 13th, so on, so forth.) It can be a horror story or not — feel free to play with this story type in the context of other genres. It also doesn’t need to be a slasher story itself if you don’t want — it just needs to use the idea in some way. (Maybe the characters totally love slasher movies, f’rex.)

Sharpen the knife. Have fun.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: August 4th, Friday, noon EST