When Authors Talk On Twitter: Slasher Movie Edition

As I have noted in the past, Twitter is great for me as an author less because it connects me to my audience and sells books (which it does!) and more because it lets me hangout digitally, by-proxy, with a bunch of other penmonkeys doing their penmonkey thing. Sometimes those authors talk. Sometimes Sam Sykes is involved.

This is one of those times.

[law and order noise, CHUNG CHUNG]


19 responses to “When Authors Talk On Twitter: Slasher Movie Edition”

  1. I think all future answers to the question “Am I a real writer” should be a link to this and the question “Have you ever had a similar online interaction with a friend?” Because not only have I, but with someone I met in an online “free form RPG” chat room, which we later tried to turn into a book (which went about as well as everyone who tried turning their awesome D&D quests into a book).

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