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Only a handful of hours left in the expertly-crafted cage-match of Miriam Black versus Suri over at Unbound Worlds. Go vote! And vote for Miriam or she’ll send birds to peck out your kidneys! Props to Michael Sullivan, who wrote Miriam’s final moments with glorious bad-assery.

You wanna read a killer Thunderbird review from Adventures in Poor Taste? Excerpt:

As always, Miriam Black is a dark delight to read; a bizarrely perfect blend of nobility and nihilism, struggling with her own demons as hard as she fights those who would do harm to an innocent person or someone she’s pretending she doesn’t care about.

And similarly, a kick-ass review of Empire’s End from Starburst Magazine, excerpted:

The result is a high octane and swiftly paced affair. It isn’t tight; this is an explosion of events as the key characters find themselves fated to visit Jakku, and the challenges that await them there. Though every character gets their arc, and we get some nice scum and villainy action with the addition of another Hutt to the mix, this is really a battle between two complex and interesting women, one Rebel, one Imperial, both desperate to enforce their will on an ever changing galaxy. Strong stuff. Highly skilled geek and very experienced writer Chuck Wendig has weathered heavy criticism to produce the Aftermath Trilogy. The old Star Wars tie-in books had their own cult following and some heavy investment from the fans. Add to this Wendig’s inclusive and sensible approach to world building, and the series got much more than its fair share of flack.

See? I am a highly skilled geek. I bought five dots in the Geek Skill.

Bonus: I list five rad books at with birds in their titles. Go check out my list, feel free to use the comments there (or here) to add your own favorite bird-titled books.

Finally, the image at the top of the post is from a fan — fella named Zach Miller decided to go ahead and conjure up his own idea of what the Moth freighter looks like in the Aftermath trilogy with LEGO bricks. He cannibalized a Falcon build to do so and the result is freaking awesome:

Ooh ooh one more thing —

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