Flash Fiction Challenge: To Behold The Divine

This week’s challenge:

Gods and goddesses.

Genre doesn’t matter, but I want you to write a story dealing with the divine. A deity! A demi-god! Whatever. Made-up or real, doesn’t matter. From the POV of the deity or from someone having to deal with said deity. Or maybe you wanna talk about a whole damn pantheon.

Entirely up to you.

Length: ~2000 words

Due Date: 3/24/17, that Friday, noon EST.

Write at your online space.

Link back here.

Go forth and confront the divine.

62 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: To Behold The Divine”

  1. Looks like so far we’re all bringing up past works. So I’ll join in! This is from my eternal WIP, “House of the Black Dog.” One of my characters, Sya, as she takes to task two of the Powers for not helping their Champion, my MC, Ari Dillon. Here’s the link:

    • Daaaaaaaaamn. “Pissed” is an understatement! But, uh, he *is* right on so much of that…

      Nice work! This isn’t a format I had considered before.

      • Thanks Mel… I thought it over of who would be good to write about. And being a person who used to attend church on a regular basis (and was ostracised because my beliefs changed over time and the pastor didn’t like what I was thinking) I knew a letter from God would be very interesting to write about. 🙂

      • After all those episodes of ‘Supernatural’, I wondered how God would react to us treated his Paradise like we do… and how Lucifer would really treat Earth – after all, he almost did take if over in the Bible. 😛

  2. […] This week’s challenge was to write a story dealing with a deity. The Simulation Hypothesis has been on my mind the last few days (I’d blame Black Mirror, but I think it’s more likely my current Teaching Company lecture about the mysteries of time that really started this recent train of thought rolling.) I think that’s fairly obvious like two lines into this story. […]

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